Southend Council taken to court over runway extension planning permission

28.7.2010 (SAEN – Stop Airport Extension Now at Southend)

SAEN Ltd. is aware that an application for permission to apply for a Judicial
Review is being lodged with the High Court. The claimant is a locally resident
SAEN[1] member highly concerned at the decision by Southend Borough Council to
grant planning permission for an extended runway and has the full support of the
campaign group.

There is particular concern over the potential impact of night flights and despite
assurances to the contrary, we believe that the new mitigation measures are insufficient
to avoid widespread distress.

The economic argument for additional jobs has never been substantiated and is
uncertain at best. What is certain, however, is that there will be extra noise
and pollution for an area already one of the most congested and densely populated
in the United Kingdom.

"We had no choice but to go to court," said SAEN director, Graham Whitehead.
"Both Southend and Rochford councils have shown total disregard for the interests
of their residents and this should never been approved by the Development Control
Committee. The Council took the decision against the will of the vast majority
of the people who responded to the consultation. We believe that the planning
permission process was legally flawed and we are confident that the Court will
find in our favour."


Notes to Editors

  1. Stop Airport Extension Now Ltd. (SAEN) was formed to campaign against the runway
    extension at Southend Airport. The group is not opposed to the Airport itself,
    which has co-existed with the residents of Southend for many years. SAEN is against
    the runway extension, which would lead to a massive increase in flights and destroy
    the lives of the people living, working or going to school anywhere near the flightpath.
    Stop Airport Extension Now Ltd is a Member Based Company Limited by Financial

For further information:

  • Contact Denis Walker, Press Officer for Stop Airport Extension Now

There is much more information about the airport, its plans, and SAEN’s campaign
at ┬áthe SAEN website –