Kent International Airport boss Charles Buchanan to release night-flight plans

20.9.2010 (This is Kent)

Details of how many night flights bosses at Manston airport want will be available in two weeks. [They came out on 30th September     see link   ].

New airport boss Charles Buchanan said on Friday he would be ready to release the long-awaited figures shortly.

He was speaking to the Kent International Airport Consultative Committee, which was holding its meeting in public.

Despite being pressed by committee members, he declined to reveal what Quota
Count – the method by which planes are categorised by the noise they make – Infratil
wanted. A 747 is equivalent to four QC.

Later, Steve Higgins, a member of the public who watched the meeting, claimed
to have a document showing the airport’s owners Infratil wanted 1,995 QC – equivalent
to around 500 night flights

Speaking to the Thanet Times after the meeting, Mr Buchanan said the figure was provisional and could change
when Infratil put forward its plan.

When Infratil does make public its proposals, it will begin a consultation to
be run by
Thanet council.

Consultative committee chairman Paul Twyman said there were serious concerns over whether the process would be robust enough.

He warned Thanet council that it could leave itself open to a legal challenge
if people did not feel the consultation had been run properly.

Council planning boss Brian White said a lot of preparation had gone into getting ready for the consultation.

Concerns were raised by the committee and members of the public who watched the
meeting over how much time Thanet council would allow for people to make their
views known.

Worries over safety, pilots not using prescribed flying routes and the complaints
procedure were also raised.


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There is a poll on the website, which currently says:

 Results for: Are the economic benefits of increased night flights greater than the disruption
they may cause?

54%: Yes

46%: No

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Plans to allow night flights from Manston Airport (Kent) received by Thanet council

1.10.2010       A formal application to operate night flights to and from Kent International
Airport has been received by Thanet council. The plans by Infratil, the company
which owns the Manston site, would allow flights from 11pm-7am. Up to 8 aircraft
movements are expected during this period, although Infratil says the majority
of aircraft would take off or land from 11pm-11.30pm and 6am-7am. There will be
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