Gatwick cleared for A380 superjumbo flights

19.10.2010 (BBC)

Gatwick Airport has been granted planning permission to operate the world’s largest
commercial airliner, the 555-seat Airbus A380 superjumbo.

Emirates Airbus A380  
An Emirates Airbus A380 was the first to land at Manchester on 1 September

British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, which operate from the West Sussex airport,
have both ordered the plane.

Previously, Heathrow and Manchester  and Stansted were the only UK airports to
regularly accommodate the aircraft, first flown by Singapore Airlines in October

It landed at Manchester for the first time on 1 September.

‘Represents the future’

Gatwick has spent £43m preparing for the A380, with two of its six new large
aircraft stands able to accommodate it.

Planning permission was granted by Crawley Borough Council.

“The Airbus A380 represents the future of long-haul aviation,” said Gatwick chief
executive Stewart Wingate.

It’s modern, more efficient and uses less fuel per passenger, and we want Gatwick
to be at the centre of this exciting new era of long-haul travel.”



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Stansted and Manchester airports now officially ‘A380 READY’

19th August 2010           The CAA has said Manchester is “A380 ready”. The first A380 at the airport is
due to be an Emirates plane, in 2 weeks. Only 17 airports globally (4 in England)
are certified for the A380, as it is so large. Manchester has spent more than
£10 million upgrading to the standards needed for the Emirates super-jumbo, including
reconstructing a new aircraft stand with state of the art equipment including
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