New Manston night flights blog spot launched


The campaigners opposing any increase in night flights at Manston (Kent International)
have set up a new blogspot, called No Night Flights.


The blogspot says:

Calling All Whistleblowers 

 If Thanet District Council (TDC) decide to give Infratil the night flights they’ve
asked for, it’ll have a significant impact on the everyday lives of all of us
under the flight path.

The elected representatives taking that decision should be as transparent as
possible about the factors they are taking into account.

Some of you have already offered us interesting and valuable insider insights
into what’s really going on – keep ’em coming!

If you think you know something about Infratil’s or TDC’s plans that the wider
public should know, tell us. We respect our sources’ request to keep names confidential.

Alternatively, share what you know with the statutory consultative body responsible
for issues between the airport and the community, KIACC


No Night Flights is asking some important questions about the proposed night

The current owners of Manston Airport want to change the rules that govern night
flights. This is a major change in the way the airport is used, so Thanet District
Council will be launching a public consultation. Both TDC and Infratil (the airport
owners) will probably be doing their best to engineer a “yes” result. Smoke and
mirrors, misinformation and partial truths will all play their part.

A lot of people have a lot of good questions that need answering. What we’re
hoping to do is collect all those good questions in one place.

You can add your questions now – use the comments at the bottom, or email us
at You can use the Comments facility at the bottom of the article to:

  • add a new heading
  • add a new question
  • rephrase an existing question
  • share any answers you have

As and when (and if) we get answers, we’ll add them here, so you’ll know where
to come for straight answers to the questions that matter.


A1. What area will be covered: selected postcodes, everyone under the flight
path… ?

A2. When will the consultation start and finish?

A3. How is TDC going to make sure that everyone knows about the consultation?

A4. What information will be provided before and during the consultation?

A5. Will the information provided be in plain English?

A6. Will there be a “Yes/No” to night flights question?

A7. How are the results going to be assessed and communicated?

A8. What if the majority say “No” to Night Flights?

A9. Will under-18s get the vote?

A10. How much is the consultation costing, and who’s paying?

A11. Will the consultation be just on Night Flights, or on a whole new S106?

etc., etc.


B1. How many planes?

B2. How noisy?

B3. What days of the week will they be flying?

B4. What times of day?

B5. What flight paths will they be using for take-offs to the East and West,
and landings from the East and West?

B6. Will 2300-0700 (11pm to 7am) remain the working definition of “night”?

etc., etc.

C: Old (current) S106

C1. Why risk judicial review by extending S106 without having fully (or even
adequately) enforced the existing one?

C2. Who decided not to enforce the existing S106, year after year?

etc., etc.

D: New S106

D1. How does TDC propose to monitor the new S106?

D2. How does TDC propose to enforce the new S106?

D3. What sanctions and fines are available to TDC under the new S106?

D4. Will TDC exercise the sanctions and impose fines?

etc., etc.


E1. Why not have more mobile sound monitors?

E2. How much does a mobile sound monitor cost?

E3. Where can we see the latest “sound footprint” maps?

etc., etc.


F1. Are there any analyses available to reassure us that the aquifer is clean?

F2. Is there an inspection programme in place to monitor the effects of increasing
traffic on aquifer pollutionTDC need to know what you think

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  • Manston Airport is owned by a New Zealand-based company called Infratil.
  • Infratil have signed a ‘Section 106 Agreement’ (S106) with Thanet District Council
    (TDC) which regulates how Infratil can use Manston – they can’t suddenly decide
    to turn it into a spaceport and launch satellites, for example.
  • The S106 states that Infratil can only schedule flights for the daytime.
  • Infratil now want their official flying ‘daytime’ to be made 1 ½ hours longer.
  • Infratil have said they want more night flights (take-offs or landings between 11pm and 7am).
  • Night flights would fly on a noise quota count system (QC) where the very loudest
    planes are banned, one loud plane equals several less noisy planes, and there’s
    an annual limit on total noise.
  • Infratil have stated they want 1,995 points each year
  • This equates to 1,000 747 landings each year, or 3 a night
  • “Less noisy” planes could operate up to 2,ooo times a year, or 7 a night
  • The longer ‘daytime’ plus the night-time quota means 24 hour flying

    You can  contact  No Night Flights  at