Calls again for Kent airport at Hoo by John Olsen etc

27.12.2010 .(Financial Times)

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Calls for Kent airport given fresh wings

By Bob Sherwood, London and South-East Correspondent

(A few excerpts)

An independent  (sic) !  aviation advisory group**, led by John Olsen, former
commercial director of Cathay Pacific and ex-head of the failed airline Dan-Air,
is urging the government to look again at proposals for a £14bn three-runway,
24-hour-a-day hub airport on the Hoo peninsula.

The group claims the bird populations on the peninsula’s west and north are "meagre"
and that the risk of bird strike is lower than at other locations.

The group also believes the plan is economically viable because the government
already owns much of the land; it would be far cheaper than an island scheme,
which has attracted estimates of £40bn; and one of the sovereign wealth funds
from the Gulf would be keen to fund the scheme on a lease of up to 100 years.