Group claims London City Airport’s Crash Zone “Corporate Conspiracy of Silence”

25.2.2011  (Stop City Airport)
London City Airport and it’s Chief Executive Richard Gooding were today criticised
for it’s ‘corporate conspiracy of silence’ around its Public Safety Zone impact
by Boris Johnson’s Cable Car application.

The Cable Car is a joint application between Transport for London and the London
Development Agency from whom London City Airport have received £millions in taxpayer
subsidies. [1]

TfL claim London City Airport raised no ‘crash zone’ objection and assured them
that there was no issue relating to the Cable Car going through the Public Safety
Zone. Richard de Cani told planning committees that London City Airport had no
problem with the Cable car going through the safety zone.

London City Airport have refused to confirm this to be true and has refused to
respond to questions relating to the crash zone. Did London City Airport tell
TfL, as TfL claim, that there was no issue relating to the Cable Car and the Public
Safety Zone?  Did London City airport raise the crash zone as an issue at all?

London City Airport did raise an objection on safeguarding yet have studiously
avoided any mention or comment about the Public Safety Zone – a far cry from their
objection to Crossrail developing in the same zone. In a petition against Crossrail
to the House of Lords they stated

“The worksite proposed as part of the Crossrail proposals at the Connaught bridge
falls within the Public Safety Zone at the western end of the Airport. This is
contrary to the objective of the Public Safety Zone which is to minimise the number
of people working or congregating within the Zone” [2]

Newham Council have a safeguarding policy relating to London City Airports crash
zone but since the application the Supplementary Planning Guidance has been found
to be incomplete and the key DfT Circular Guidance section 18 on Transport Infrastructure
has been completely omitted while maps are modelled on pre-expansion planning
approval. [3] [4]

Alan Haughton said

“London City Airport’s silence is deafening. Richard Gooding must now make his
position clear. Has London City Airport told TfL that it’s ok to build the Cable
Car through it’s Crash zone?”


Spokesperson – 0790 515 6922

(1) TfL Cable Car application update

(2) Crossrail / House Of Lords London City Airport objection

(3) Newham Council Supplementary Guidance for London City Airport

(4)DfT Public Safety Zone Circular
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