Biggin Hill airport’s 2012 Olympics expansion plans rejected

9.8.2011 (BBC)

A request to extend the opening hours of Biggin Hill airport for the London Olympics
has been rejected.

Airport owner Bromley Council said it had sufficient capacity for the demand
for flights during the 2012 Games.

Biggin Hill Airport Limited (BHAL) wanted to run a number of day-return services.

A public consultation on the request received 1,741 responses, of which 1,046
were against the increased operating hours.

Operating hours


Flights take off from, and land at, Biggin Hill airport between 07:30 BST and
21:00 BST on weekdays, with slightly shorter operating hours over the weekend.

BHAL wanted to temporarily extend the airport’s weekday operating hours to 06:30
BST to 22:00 BST and increase its opening hours by two hours on Satudays and three
hours on Sundays.

Opponents of the increase included concerns of noise pollution, traffic conjestion
and safety.

‘Not necessary’


Leader of Bromley Council, Stephen Carr, said it was not just the concerns of
people living under the flight paths that influenced the council’s decision.

Mr Carr said: “Biggin Hill has a significant spare capacity to deal with the
flights over the Olympic period.

“They [BHAL] were looking to stretch beyond the terms and conditions of the lease
which the Executive weren’t convinced were necessary.”

Jenny Munro, Managing Director of BHAL, said: “We already have enquiries from
operators to run a daily flight which I’m now going to have to turn down.”

She added: “It is frustrating because it’s a culture of not enabling business
success and in this day and age we need every bit of encouragement for business.”

Ms Munro said BHAL will not be appealing against the decision to turn down BHAL’s
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 information and news about Biggin Hill Airport

New Biggin Hill Airport Consultation on extending operating hours during the

28th June 2011    A 2nd consultation is now under way following the new Biggin Hill Airport Limited
request to vary their lease during Olympic Games period. It ends on 29th July. 
The earlier application was rejected by Bromley Council in March. The scope of
the request has been reduced somewhat. Bromley FoEsaid it was deeply disappointing
that the airport has resubmitted its application which will cause anxiety among
the thousands   living under the flightpath.
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Biggin Hill Airport Olympic proposals rejected by Bromley Council

24th March 2011      Councillors have thrown out an application from Biggin Hill to extend operating
hours for the Olympics. The airport had requested permission from its landlord
Bromley Council to change the lease so it could open from 6.30am to 11pm each
day from July 13 to Sept 23 in 2012.  Its current opening hours are 6.30am and
10pm in the week and 9am to 8pm at weekends.  The airport also wanted a relaxation
of the ban on fare-paying passengers.     
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Jo Johnson MP opposes Biggin Hill airport plans

17th February 2011    Jo has said he is “strongly opposed” to the airport’s plans to seek changes to
its Lease, and has said so in his submission to the consultation.  He feels running
scheduled services and carrying individual fare paying passengers requires the
explicit permission of Bromley Council, as landlord. If these restrictions are
lifted, even if temporarily for the Olympics, the Council risks undermining a
key point of principle and getting larger, noisier planes.    Click here to view full story…


Residents unhappy over Biggin Hill Airport 2012 flights consultation

30.1.11     Residents have criticised a Council leader for failing to address their fears
about new early-morning and late-night flights over the borough, the Bromley Times
reports. Biggin Hill Airport has applied to Bromley Council, which owns the airport
freehold, to allow aircraft activity as early as 06:30 and as late as 23:00, seven
days a week for a 10-week period during the Olympic and Paralympic games in summer
2012. Charter flight operators would also be able to charge per passenger during
this period.   
Although council leader Stephen Carr has announced an extension of a public consultation
period over the decision until February 18, action group Bromley Residents Against
Airport Development (BRAAD), which opposes the proposals, says that not enough
has been done to gauge public opinion.  UK Airport News  link

Biggin Hill airport is hopeful of cashing in on an Olympic bonus

 29th January 2011     Biggin Hill airport is keen to capitalise on the Olympics, and wants to be a
key gateway partly by increasing its  hours so it is open from 6.30am to 11pm
each day from July 13 to September 23.  The lease currently permits flights between
6.30am and 10pm in the week and from 9am to 8pm at weekends. Local group BRAAD,
Bromley Residents Against Airport Development, says the longer hours will badly
affect residents and be of no benefit to them.
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Increase in Biggin Hill Airport Traffic for Olympics in 2012

24.05.10 New hangar and hotel at Biggin Hill Airport to create 300 jobs

Hundreds of new jobs to be created at Biggin Hill airport

21st March 2010    Biggin Hill airport is benefitting from millions of pounds worth of investment
that is set to create 300 new jobs for the area. Middle Eastern jet company Rizon
is constructing a £10million, 13,000 square metre hanger with aircraft parking,
maintenance and passenger processing facilities, set to open at the end of May.
A new 75-bed hotel will open near the airport.(Kent News)  Click here to view full story…