Nantes campaigners set off by bike and tractor on 400km journey to get to Paris by 12th

The protestors against a new airport at Nantes have set of on their week long,
400 km ride by bicycle and tractor to Paris for a rally on Saturday 12th.  This
is a key part of their campaign against the building of a new airport, on a greenfield
site. The campaigners argue that the airport is not needed, does not make economic
sense, and will do great damage both to the local environment, and by increasing
carbon emissions.


Today the campaigners against the proposed ‘Nantes International’ airport in
SW France set out on their 400km bike/tractor ride to bring their fight to Paris. 
Some British campaigners, including John Stewart, will be joining them at a big
rally in Paris on Saturday 12th November.



The campaign website (in French) is at


There is an interesting 25 minute debate, on French TV (in French) on 4th November,
about the postulated economic benefits of building a new airport at Nantes.  This
can be seen at

On n’a pas tout dit

On connaît les arguments écologiques, environnementaux,

et même sécuritaires de ce transfert de l’aéroport Nantes Atlantique…

On connaît moins les arguments économiques.

Cet aéroport est-il un projet économiquement viable ?

Combien ça coûte ? Et combien ça peut rapporter, en terme de développement économique
et d’emploi ?

On en parle avec promoteurs du projet, opposant et journaliste spécialisé dans
ce domaine.

One knows the ecological, environmental, and even security arguments of this
transfer of Atlantic the Nantes airport…  We know less about the economic arguments.
Is this airport a project economically viable? How much does that cost? And how
much can that pay, in term of economic development and employment?  This programme
discusses the issue with promoters of the project, opponent and a specialized
journalist in this field. .






There is a lot more information about the Nantes airport campaign at

Nantes plans to build a new airport – could it become the French Heathrow?



and an item (a translation from French) from July below:

Nantes, France: Truncheon beatings on the Rollfield

Protesters supported by a brigade of clown activist ( within children) came peacefully
in the Terminal 1 by singing and shouting slogans. When the protesters moved in
Terminal 3, the CRS violently taken on them. One person was beaten up to the ground
and got seriously injured. She got a baton on her throat leading to a incapabilité
to breath and 3 rips broken. Another person had his skull open by batons. The
both were taken to hospital. Five others were arrested, even tho injured, we don’t
know if they will receive medical help. One of them was immediately referred to
the prosecution.

When the state has no arguments anymore to justify a megalomaniac project, they
let speak their brutality !

We demand the release of all arrested !

We demand the abandonment of the airport project at Notre-Dame-des-Landes !

Legal team of the autonomous village nog2011 of Notre-Dame-des-Landes.

For further information contact 06 46 04 98 07