Leeds Bradford Airport ‘selling a pup’ over plans for expansion

Councillors in Leeds have accused the airport of ignoring communities living near the airport. The airport had around 2.8 million passengers in 2008, and around 2.7 milion in 2010, and want to increase the number to 4 million per year. They are now building at the airport to provide a new departure lounge,  more shops, a large walkway to the aircraft  etc. Councillors say there will be no additional infrastructure to support the expected big increase in passengers, and the road traffic congestion that would bring.

Councillors have hit out at the increase in traffic expansion will cause.

13 December 2011  (Yorkshire Evening Post)

Major airport extension plans at Leeds Bradford are ignoring the communities who live in the area, claim local councillors.

The airport announced plans last week to expand its capacity from three to four million passengers a year.

Local councillors point out that there was nothing included in the announcement of any additional infrastructure to support the expected big increase in passengers.

Liberal Democrat councillors for Horsforth Brian Cleasby and Chris Townsley are strongly critical of the plans which they believe will pile more traffic on to roads already suffering severe congestion.

Coun Chris Townsley (Lib Dem, Horsforth) said: “Many of the extra passengers coming from the south and the east will go through Horsforth to get to the airport.

“It’s all well and good the airport saying they want this massive expansion but they clearly haven’t given the slightest bit of thought to the effect they’ll have on local communities.

“Five years ago council officers declared that the A65 had reached its capacity. Nothing has been done to improve the situation yet today we find the airport director trying sell a pup to our community.

“A bigger airport must have improved roads, both to and from it.”

Coun Brian Cleasby (Lib Dem, Horsforth) said: “There is no consideration given in these plans to improve the road infrastructure leading to the airport.

“I have heard the chief executive of the airport say he wants to maximise the airport’s income from parking charges.

“This is outrageous, given how many times I have told him of my concerns that traffic from the east and south is being directed through Horsforth and Rawdon.

“The situation is so bad that route finder websites have started to direct traffic off the A65 and onto minor roads like Layton Lane in Rawdon as they reckon that’s now the quicker route.

“Quite frankly, the airport is trying to sell a pup to our community.”


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Huddersfield Daily Examiner    8.12.2011
BOSSES at Leeds Bradford Airport have unveiled plans for an £11m investment in passenger facilities. More than 100 construction workers will be involved in the project, which is due for completion next summer. The airport said the upgrade would create capacity for a further million passengers a year – taking its annual total to 4 million. The scheme includes creating a new departure lounge, a new range of food and drink outlets, more shops, a large walkway to the aircraft next to the terminal building and an increased security office.  Details …..

( Data from Anna Aero   European Airport Traffic Trends  )

2010 passengers at Leeds Bradford:   2 725 643

Jan 2011   up 32.7%

Feb 2011  up 21.0%

Mar 2011   up 9.2%

Apr 2011   up 44.2%

May 2011   up  13.3%

Jun 2011   up 3.3%

Jul  2011   up 3.8%

Aug 2011   up 1.5%

Sept 2011   up 4.3%

Oct 2011  down  -10.3%


2009 Passengers at Leeds Bradford    2.553 000

Jan 2010   down -16.4%

Feb 2010  down  -8.5%

Mar 2010  2.5%

Apr 2010  down -3.2%

May 2010 4.9%

Jun  2010 10.1%

Jul 2010 10.0%

Aug 2010 9.5%

Sep 2010   8.8%

Oct 2010 16.5%

Nov 2010  16.9%

Dec 2010  14.3%


2008 Passengers at Leeds Bradford   2,860,000

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