Risk of bird strikes would make Thames Estuary UK’s ‘most dangerous airport’

A report commissioned by Labour in 2003 says that an airport in the Thames estuary would have a high risk of birdstrike, with the chance of a plane being hit being one per 100 to 300 years, much higher than the risk at other airports. And this even after extensive work to make the area as unattractive as possible to birds, such as cutting down woodland, draining ponds, planting artificial grass and shooting birds when necessary. Even with all that work to be as unfriendly to birds as possible, it is “not considered possible to reduce the risk to a level similar to that experienced at other UK airports.”  This report is as one reason Labour rejected the Cliffe proposal, but it was not published at the time. Ministers have not yet announced the exact site for the proposed airport that they will consider in the aviation consultation, staring in March.

Report warns that the risk of aircraft loss after being hit by birds is higher at proposed site than any other UK airport

  • guardian.co.uk
  • A new airport in the Thames Estuary would be the most dangerous in the UK because of the risk of a plane being brought down by a bird strike, the government has been warned by experts.