Thousands gather at German airports to protest against aircraft noise

On Saturday 24th, thousands across Germany – perphaps as many as 30,000 – took part in protests at airports, against airport expansion and aircraft noise. At Frankfurt airport there were around 10,000 people, wanting a night flight ban from 22:00 until 6:00 and a cap on the number of take-offs and landings each day. At Berlin there were about 10,000 protesters against the planned new Brandenburg airport. And at Munich airport, over 500 people had a picnic in the terminal, protesting against a planned 3rd runway, the decision on which is due in June. There were also protests at  Halle, Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Bonn and Cologne – as well as at Nantes.


Photo: DPA

Thousands gather at airports to protest noise

25 Mar 2012 

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Crowds of protesters gathered at Germany’s biggest airports on Saturday 24th March to stage mass demonstrations against air traffic noise. A combined 20,000 people took part in the protests in Berlin and Frankfurt alone.

With just months to go before the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport opens its doors in June, the demonstration against aviation noise in the German capital was the biggest of its kind so far.

Organisers said about 10,000 people attended the protest in Berlin, with roughly the same number gathering at Frankfurt Airport, Germany’s biggest hub.

Demonstrators staged smaller rallies in Munich, Halle, Düsseldorf and Cologne.

Citizen groups in Berlin have spent months contesting flight route plans at the future BBI airport. The initiatives have called for a strict ban on flights between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Protesters swarmed Terminal 1 in Frankfurt, calling for more extensive night flight regulations.

“We continue to call for a night flight ban from 22:00 until 6:00 and a cap on the number of take-offs and landings each day,” said Michael Wilk of the “Rhein-Main” citizen initiative coalition.

In Munich, the demonstration took aim at domestic air travel. “We cannot keep expanding air traffic inside Germany when we have such well-developed road and rail networks,” said Florian Sperk of the “Bund Naturschutz” group in Bavaria.



Part of the Munich airport protest


Photos and videos of the Saturday German airport protests

One of the many photos of the Munich airport terminal picnic


Up to perhaps 30,000 people took to the streets on Saturday to protest against airport growth in Germany. 

10,000 in Frankfurt against the impact of the newly-opened 4th terminal.  Video at

Another 10,000 in Berlin against a new ‘out-of-town’ airport. 

In Munich, where the protest is against a proposed 3rd runway, over 500 people had a picnic in the terminal.  Great photos at   Video from Munich, with a special message for campaigners in London:

There were also smaller protests in Cologne, Bonn and Leipzig, largely over the hated night flights.

And in France campaigners against the proposed new airport at Nantes occupied the centre of the city.   Video of Nantes protest