Peaceful protesters clash with police in Frankfurt at departure of pro-airport Mayor

There have been peaceful, but noisy, protests in the centre of Frankfurt, against the expansion of Frankfurt airport.  The protests happened in the city centre, outside St Paul’s Church were Chancellor Angela Merkel was attending the retirement ceremony for the Mayor, Petra Roth. Angela Merkel praised Petra Roth as being one of the most successful mayors in Germany. The Mayor has been in favour of expansion of Frankfurt airport and the new runway, which has been the cause of the new aircraft noise problem that so many Frankfurt citizens are suffering. This protest, by  perhaps 1,000 people, who threw foam balls, let off sparklers and banged drums, was in addition to the weekly protests against the noise that take place at the airport. There were some scuffles with the heavy police presence.



 [Apologies for the very, very bad translation below of these German articles – but it gives the gist of what is being said] 

Protest at the departure of OB Petra Roth

 Inside, everything is festive, while outside the aircraft noise opponents loudly demonstrate but peaceful. The only stones that fly towards the police, are made of foam.

Before Paul’s Church in Frankfurt on Monday afternoon, according to show organizers of the 3000 people against aircraft noise, while adopted in St. Paul’s Church OB Petra Roth after 17 years in office.




Police say nearly 500 aircraft noise activists and about 70 autonomous.

Photo: AP


Outside, in front of St. Paul’s Church, are still at the police cordons.


Members of the Black Bloc at the start of the demonstration in the Braubachstrasse throwing foam rubber balls



Police push protesters at St. Paul’s Church behind a barrier.,11317964,16350398.html

Scorn and ridicule rain on Monday afternoon, not only in the form of words for the police officers down. The 70 activists, the so-called black bloc throwing, laughing with black painted foam blocks around and to the officials who let this stoically endure. “Thank you again very much to the police for their successful blockade concept,” scoffs Antifa activist Leo Schneider in the direction of the uniform.

Three times as many civil servants are dressed in the black Braubachstrasse.Access to them is a 15 Paulsplatz clock nor denied. The tram lines 11 and 12 were diverted, blocked off the area around the spacious St. Paul’s Church. The Federal Criminal Police Office had passed because of the participation of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), and many bankers in the adoption of Petra Roth (CDU) to an increased safety concept.

Farewell ceremony for OB Petra Roth (CDU)

While the activists with children fireworks and sparklers “rampage”, drums and whistles, which are increasingly becoming the enemy aircraft noise arriving guests receive the commemorative event. Do not meet the very different parties. Torsten Welte of the Civil Air Transport Initiative Offenbach commented on the arrival of the guests of honor from the direction of Berlin street with the words: “This was to be expected, that do not arrive on this page. Merkel has “come he is the official adoption of Roth’s, so that” no interest in a dialogue with citizens’ initiatives. Does not have a brilliant finish. “,11317964,16350398.html

Kudos to Roth

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and OB Petra Roth (CDU). Photo: AP

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) commends Petra Roth (CDU) at St Paul’s Church as one of the most successful mayors in Germany. Headwinds coming from outside. There demonstration aircraft noise activists.,11317964,16354410.html

There are some that these clouds parting. Mayor of Frankfurt Petra Roth goes after 40 years in local politics and 17 years at the helm of the city. The Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) party of their friend in St. Paul’s Church, “a heartfelt thank you,” says, take the 900 guests of honor with applause. Even Merkel’s judgment: “You can be proud of your performance as Mayor and President of the German Association of Cities look!”

But the protesters with whistles, drums and horns are people out there in front of St. Paul’s Church not think so. 450 airport expansion opponents and 70 left-wing activists is one of the police. Around 3000 there were according to the organizers.Aircraft noise opponents accuse Roth as autonomous, to have the end of their term of office once again restricted the freedom to demonstrate. The citizens’ groups against the new runway erstreiten only before the Administrative Court that they may enter the Paulsplatz at least marginally. This is an “absolute scandal,” says Michael Wilk of an alliance of citizens’ groups against airport expansion in Wiesbaden. “In the course of Blockupy demonstrations of what we saw that the issue is to allow democratic rights only when they are used in a non-disruptive way for the ruling politicians.” To the maximum sound decreed by the Court of 80 decibels at the rally holds None of the speakers. “This is a de facto ban on speaking the same, because we had so sound for only three to four meters,” says Wilk.


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