Aircraft noise protest picnic with drums, bagpipes, cans etc outside main police station in Frankfurt

In their continuing protests against aircraft noise from Frankfurt airport, a group of protesters set up a noisy protest, picnic and barbeque outside the main Frankfurt police station for two hours at the weekend. They had not only African drums, but a variety of other noisy instruments, including bagpipes, and tambourines – petrol cans etc, with which to make a racket. The sound-scape they produced aimed to fight noise with noise – creating a cacophony rather than a melody, as a change from the roaring of jets overhead that they now have to endure at home  In addition, on Monday they held their usual Monday evening protest (there is one every Monday night) with a new protest anthem.


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Protest picnic with noisy drums outside main police station in Frankfurt


Also we can also be loud, but differently: Protest drums at the main police station. Photo: Martin Weis
(Approximate translation from German, into bad English, below)

The aircraft noise opponents in Frankfurt moved their protest to the guard: With folding chairs, umbrellas and even a barbecue they moved into the City, drumming against aircraft noise. The desire for solidarity with other citizens is important.

They made a kind of chaotic soundscape at the main police station on Saturday afternoon.
The left of the ticket office of the VGF drown the sounds of a bagpipe, five meters to the right  people were sitting in a circle on the floor playing on African djembe drums, tambourines and a pat on Schell wreaths.
With the bagpipe musicians are a group from Hayner castle festival, and some ladies lead before belly dancing. They are dressed in period costumes, the dancers and musicians wanting  to promote their festival in early September.

The drummers have nothing to celebrate. With them are aircraft noise opponents living under the flight path, who have transferred their protest on that last Saturday in August for the first time to the guard police) house. With drums of various sizes, but also with empty petrol cans and food cans they are making their protest against the impact of aircraft noise. 

One gets the impression that the activists wanted to fight noise with noise – what is the beating of a more cacophony than melody, especially when the sound of drums, cans and canned mixed with the bagpipe music of the Middle Ages friends.

Against the noise from above

But it is actually referring to a different form of expression, “We drums to giving people a way to ground yourself,” explains Monika Plottnik. “I see the common drums as a counterpoint to noise from above, we face the whole day.”

Plottnik is a member of the citizens’ initiative Sachsenhausen and organized the campaign under the name of “Beautiful Noise” at the main police station. The opponents of the North-West runway from the districts Sachsenhausen Oberrad and Niederrad have brought folding chairs, umbrellas and even a barbecue in the City to do with their “drum picnic” from 12 noon to 14 clock to make the citizens of the rest of the city aware of their impact.

Picnic protest against aircraft noise

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Daniela winter from Sachsenhausen believes the protest in central Frankfurt reached the other citizens who are not burdened by aircraft noise. “At some point we will have solidarity when people get hurt all the dust,” she says. The considered the citizens’ initiative to have had a positive effect.  The officier who watched the two-hour action from the edge accompany were only policing it out of routine. “We have absolutely no problems with the people, and their protests are always very peaceful,” says an official in the ministry.

Meanwhile, on the Roßmarkt hundreds of soccer fans gathered together to go to the first home game of harmony. A Sachsenhäuser citizen who prefers to remain anonymous, happened to pass on a bike, going from the horse market to the main station. She found the drum protest good and creative, but regretted that there were too few people at the creative protest, taking a  closer look. “Over there on the horse market are the boys, here are the old people,” she says.

She agrees to the organizer Plottnik that repeated actions and protests again and again, not to give up the protest and appeal to the policies and fellow citizens: “It does indeed feel like you can do nothing except you must to continue the protest.”


Opponents of the runway from the northwest suburb of Sachsenhausen, and Oberrad Niederrad draw on Saturday 25 August 2012, to protest picnic at the Frankfurt main station.


Slogan says: “Barbeque in the garden only between 11pm and 5m?”

With deck chairs, umbrellas and BBQ they protest in the city against aircraft noise.

Photo: Martin Weis


Photo: Martin Weis


You want to make people from other parts of the city aware of their impact.


With drums of various sizes, but also with empty petrol cans and food cans is here tumbled against the impact of aircraft noise.


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Monday evening’s protest from 27th August 2012
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Fewer passengers at German airports

Rhine-Main airport terminal in Frankfurt: The German airports slowly stay away passengers.  Photo: Boris Roessler
Rhine-Main airport terminal in Frankfurt: The German airports slowly stay away passengers. Photo: Boris Roessler
Wiesbaden.  ? 22.8.2012
Significantly fewer people embarked on a flight from German airports in the spring than a year earlier. In the second quarter, the number of newcomers fell by around 900,000 to 25.5 million, as the Federal Statistical Office reported on Thursday in Wiesbaden.

The decline was 3.4%, mainly due to the decrease in demand for domestic flights (down 4.6%). 

Also a drop of 3.8% in passengers to European destinations, while there was a slight increases of 0.3% in intercontinental passengers to  more than 4 million passengers. 

Due to the relatively strong first quarter there was still in the first half an overall increase of 2.1% to 47.7 million passengers.

The growth in overseas flights was partly confused by the effect of trouble and political unrest in North Africa in the same time period last year.

The increasing market power of airlines from the Arab Gulf is reflected in the statistics: In the United Arab Emirates for the first half flew 676,000 people (up 24.4% from German airports. The Emirates sparked from China as the most-traveled Asian destination.

Reasons for the slowdown are the economic crisis in many European countries as well as the current air traffic control in Germany, the Airports Association ADV criticized in Berlin. 

“Especially the border German airports and airports with a high proportion of low-cost transportation and domestic flights are the victims of the air traffic control,” said CEO Ralph Beisel. Since the introduction of the tax year and half ago, the German airports should have 180 million euros to cope with revenue shortfalls. Only 6 of 22 international airports would have achieved more positive net results.

A prime example of this is aided by the Rhineland-Palatinate Hahn airport in the Hunsrück again had to report a loss for 2011 of more than 10 million euros. It is strongly dependent on the Irish budget airline Ryanair, who because of air traffic control to reduce its operation in Germany significantly. The country has dismissed rumors of an impending bankruptcy of the airport company. (Reuters)

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