Ciampino (Rome) campaigners expose Ryanair’s false jobs claims

Ryanair claims that it has created 4,000 jobs in Rome since it started using Ciampino Airport a few years ago.  These claims have been ridiculed by the local campaigners.  In a press release they said:  “If tomorrow Ryanair claims the Colosseum in Rome exists only because of them, calm them down! We can prove with absolute certainty that it already existed”.  The campaigners show that Ryanair takes money out of the Italian economy.  They quote the Corriere della Sera newspaper which found that Italy has lost at least €500 million in taxes in recent years because Ryanair has been allowed to pay its taxes in countries with a lower rate of tax.  They also show that some Italian airports have paid Ryanair to use the airport or charged them very low landing fees.   Aircraft noise has become a major problem for residents at Ciampino Airport since Ryanair started using the airport a few years ago.  Many communities live very close to the airport.

Wikipedia says Wizz and Ryanair are the only airlines operating from Rome Ciampino.

Below is a very imperfect, Google, translation of an Italian article on this.


(L’osservatore laziale)


The Committee for the reduction of the environmental impact of the airport of Ciampino airport: say”most of the traffic of Ciampino airport is illegitimate”

Committee Note to reducing the environmental impact of the airport of Ciampino

We learn from the press that Ryanair are claiming with incredible chutzpah the imaginative creation of 4,000 jobs in Rome thanks to its flights to Ciampino. The Irish company even offers a deal to the Government for the opening of five new bases in Italy.

Neither we nor anyone else is the existence of these jobs generated by Ryanair, but that probably helped to destroy many, through a contract of work and ruthless in a precarious that turns everything it touches.

We understand that as has established the Services Conference, much of the traffic at Ciampino is illegal and that, if those who had the legal obligation had done the first way to increase traffic is to bring the low-cost flights, these flights in Ciampino would never have been able to come.

Corriere della Sera, has written that Ryanair in recent years, because of its 10 operational bases in Italy,  would have had to pay €500 million in taxes in Italy and instead, according to the Courier,  have been allowed to pay, at their option, in other foreign countries for their cheaper tax rates.

There is, always press sources, that this company would open a dispute in Bergamo for €12 million of unpaid contributions for its employees.

We understand that the planes do not fly with 10 euro per passenger, then the rest of the money someone else will have to pull out.

We understand that the Regions and other local governments, as happened for example in Alghero, Sardinia, often give grants to low cost airlines, so the costs fall on the already harassed taxpayers – even those who do not fly – and pull to  their knees companies that are paying all their taxes, including their workers.

There is, according to what reported Confindustria September 26, which at Ciampino Ryanair will not pay any increase in airport charges, while Fiumicino will pay for all the companies, in the face of competition!

For our citizens, the government should at least make a decent retort to indecent proposals of this kind and stop this market contribution and undue advantages which, among other things, at Ciampino also damage the health of the citizens,  as the ASL  and the regional epidemiological service have certified.

Finally that decency is a ‘legal obligation’ on the part of those who govern us and would like to see at least a little of it.

Caution: If a manager tomorrow morning Ryanair would claim that the Colosseum in Rome exists only because of his calm them! We can prove with absolute certainty that already existed before.


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Ciampino airport is situated very close to residential areas, so a great many people are affected by noise from the airport.


Wikipedia says:

Rome Ciampino Airport (Italian: Aeroporto di Roma-Ciampino or Giovan Battista Pastine Airport)  is a joint civilian, commercial and military airport near Rome in Italy. The airport is situated 12.0 km south southeast of central Rome, just outside the Greater Ring Road ) the circular motorway around the city.

Ciampino Airport was opened in 1916 and is one of the oldest airports still in operation. It was Rome’s main airport until 1960, with traffic amounting to over 2 million passengers per year. After the opening of Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport, Ciampino handled almost exclusively charter and executive flights.

After decades of stagnation in scheduled traffic, low-cost carriers have boosted Ciampino; it is now one of the busiest and fastest growing airports in Italy. Passenger traffic in 2007 was 5,402,000 (9,24% up from 2006; 2006 itself had seen an increase of 16,75% compared to 2005). Traffic has grown so much that noise complaints are now forcing the Italian Ministry of Transport to look for a third airport for Rome, which could take over some part of the excess traffic of Ciampino. Passenger traffic in 2008 was 4,788,931 with a decrease of 11.31% compared to 2007 due to economic crisis and EasyJet gradually moving routes to Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport.

The terminals were extended at the beginning of 2007.

The low-cost carriers Ryanair and Wizz Air are the only carriers operating at Ciampino Airport.