Saturday 24th November: European Day of Action against Night Flights – Pyjama Photocall under the Heathrow Flight path

On 24th November Heathrow campaigners staged an event in Hounslow (Lampton Park) as part of the European Day of Action against Night Flights.  People whose lives are badly affected by disturbed sleep from night flights got together to say “Ban Night Flights” – with a colourful display of banners, pillows, duvets, dressing gowns, slippers, nightwear, and hot water bottles.  The UK Government is expected to consult next month on a new night flight regime for the three designated airports – Heathrow, Stansted and Gatwick.  The current agreement with the airlines runs out in October 2014.   Night flights are hated across Europe and demonstrators across Europe are also calling for the widely hated night flights to be banned.  Events were staged in Belgium, Italy and across Germany. This day of action is expected to mark the start of a Europe-wide campaign to get them banned.


24thNovember: European Day of Action against Night Flights –  Pyjama Photocall under the Heathrow Flight path


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On 24th November politicians joined residents to stage a pyjama photocall as part of the European Day of Action against Night Flights.  Demonstrators across Europe are calling for night flights to be banned.

Seema Malhotra, the MP for Feltham and Heston, and Murad Qureshi who chairs the London Assembly’s Environment Committee. joined the protest.

The UK Government is expected to consult next month on a new night flight regime for the three designated airports – Heathrow, Stansted and Gatwick.  The current agreement with the airlines runs out in October 2014.

HACAN Chair John Stewart said: “Night flights are hated across Europe.  This day of action marks  the start of a Europe-wide campaigned to get them banned.

Seema Malhotra, Labour MP for Feltham and Heston, who is backing the campaign, said: “We’ve got to protect residents’ right to sleep. ”  Seema Malhotra said: “Local residents around Heathrow Airport will be affected by night flights much more than others across Europe – and so it is right that our voice is being heard on this European Day of Action. I hope the residents of Feltham and Heston will make their views known and support the campaign.”

“We know the airport is an important local neighbour. We know the employment and benefits that come from that.

“There’s also a point where you have to say what are the needs of local residents.

“There should be a protected time at night so people know there’s a time when they are going to be able to get to sleep.”

For further information:  John Stewart on 0207 737 6641       or      07957385650



German Protests

and lots of photos of the German protests at

Frankfurt Protests against night flights (Dropbox)  and

Rhein Main Protests against night flights (Dropbox)

Around 1,000 people took part in the demonstration in Berlin.
Around 1,000 people took part in the demonstration in Berlin.(Photo: AP)
Saturday 24th, November 2012

Aircraft Noise, for another week,thousands of people protesting

[Bad translation in English below, from the original German at   link  ]

Across Europe, people go against aircraft noise and for another week, to the streets. In Germany, the protest is directed especially against night flights at the new airport. Thousands of people move to Berlin in front of the SPD headquarters. They called on Mayor Wowereit for a clear signal.

More than a thousand citizens demonstrated in Berlin and other cities against aircraft noise. The protest richtetesich against the planned operating area for accompanied by margins Hauptstadtflughafenund against Berlin’s Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit of the SPD.

They called for including a ban on night flights for the new airport.
They called for including a ban on night flights for the new airport.(Photo: AP)

In the capital kamennach to police, around 1,000 protesters together. They moved from Potsdamer Platz to a rally at the SPD party headquarters. Around the airport in Frankfurt / Main BHL aircraft noise opponents hung protest banners from dozens of bridges. In Munich more than 300 people went to night-time noise on the street.

In Berlinkritisierten, Wowereit take the public’s concerns about aircraft noise seriously and ? deprivation citizens sichdem dialogue. The SPD must ask itself whether it wishes to remain a people’s party or a party for the clientele noise lobby. The organizers of the demonstration in Berlin Bürgerinitiativeals talking about 3000 to 4000 participants.

Referendum in Brandenburg

In Brandenburg derzeitder sprint runs for the referendum for a strict ban on night flights at term future capital airport between 22.00 pm and 6.00am. To 3 December must be 80.000 Unterschriften. In early November were zwischen 50.000 according to the organizers and got 60,000 signatures together.  Berlin was the people desire Enge fails.

The new Hauptstadtflughafen BER Berlins airport should open after three postponement son 27 October 2013.  Viele operation citizens are still waiting for soundproofing. The project cost was estimated at two billion euros in 2006,  but is now expected to be 4.3 billion euros.

At Wiesbaden on Frankfurtbis Mainz and in the Taunus protest banners were installed on bridges, and a spokeswoman for the citizens’ initiative against the airport’s expansion said  “Our resistance is unbroken, we still want to hold out for quite a while,” .

from the original German at






Photo: DPA

Protest makes noise for night flight ban

25 Nov 12 (From The Local – Germany’s news in English)

Thousands of protesters gathered in Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt this weekend to demand a nationwide ban on nighttime flights between the hours of 10pm and 6am as part of a European Day of Action against night flights.

Organisers said 4,000 people took part in a demonstration march in Berlin culminating in a rally outside the national headquarters of the opposition Social Democratic Party (SPD). Activists demanded the party rethink their policy on aviation noise pollution, an issue which has disappeared from their manifesto.Using the opportunity presented by the upcoming 2013 elections, protesters held banners dismissing the Social Democrats as the “party of the air noise pollution supporters, no longer electable.”Protesters said they hoped to raised awareness of the health dangers associated with aviation noise pollution. Berlin demonstrator Annerose Seifert pointed to a recent study into the health of those living near the Cologne-Bonn airport, which shows people living in flight paths are at higher risk of suffering heart attacks and developing circulation problems or breast cancer.“Society shoulders the cost of treating these diseases, the airline companies do not share their profits,” she said.Seifert is a member of a citizens’ campaign group from Treptow in south-east Berlin – due to come under the flight path of the new Berlin-Brandenburg airport, scheduled finally to go into operation next October after long delays.Coordinated actions also took place in Munich and in the Rhein-Main region surrounding Frankfurt Airport – Germany’s largest, where activists hung 45 five metre-long banners demanding a nighttime ban on flights from motorway bridges and on main roads.Others have been campaigning for years for an improvement to the learning conditions for children in the Frankfurt Airport flight path. “Our children have to stand between 30 and 60 aeroplanes thundering over the school every hour,” Otto Doermer of the parents’ council at the Martin-Buber School told the Frankfurter Rundschau regional newspaper on Saturday.Meanwhile, several hundred environmentalists and citizens living in the flight path of Munich airport gathered outside the headquarters of the conservative Christian Socialist Union (CSU) headquarters to demand not only a nighttime ban on flights, but also that plans to build a new runway be shelved in accordance with the “no” vote given in a city referendum in June.DAPD/The Local/jlb

and  23.11.2012

Expansion opponents plan “Bridge Day” 

Jochen Krauss, co-initiator of the “Bridge Day”, is prepared: Even the airport expansion opponent has around 20 posters saying “night-flying 22-6 Clock – Stop airport expansion” picked up from a Mainz printing. On Saturday he will distribute it to his followers.

Frankfurt. Jochen Krauss and Alfred Mannel unpacking the posters.  Tomorrow they will hang at selected bridges.  Photo: Hamerski

Jochen Krauss and Alfred Mannel unpacking the posters. Tomorrow they will hang at selected bridges. Photo: Hamerski

To draw attention to the aircraft noise pollution in the Rhine-Main area, want to decorate numerous citizens’ groups from across the region some 40 bridges in Frankfurt and the surrounding area with highly visible protest posters. The action should take place 14 to 16 clock. The initiators hope that more noise sufferers connect spontaneously.

The so-called “Bridge Day” is part of a global mass demonstration. Nationwide protest campaigns against aircraft noise and for bans on night flights are planned. The Frankfurt expansion opponents let produce five meters wide banners to their protest to emphasize – the conspicuous, the better, they say. During the two-hour action representatives of citizens’ groups are available at the bridgeheads to passersby to raise their concerns and find support.

Also in London, Brussels and Paris tomorrow demonstrations are planned. “One of our posters we will send a sign of solidarity to London Heathrow,” says Jochen Krauss.

In addition to the airport operators in Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer especially (CDU) is coming under fire. Ramsauer have introduced just two weeks ago a manual for better citizen participation in major traffic projects operate, but at the same airport policy after lord of the manor, criticizes Helmut Breidenbach, president of the Confederation against aircraft noise. (mov)




For details of the events in Germany:  Jochen Krauss, 0049-170-38 44 622,, based in Frankfurt

Florian Sperk, 0049-176-830 79 549;, based in Munich