More breaches of night noise limits at Leeds Bradford by Pakistan International Airlines

Pakistan International Airlines has breached night-time flying rules at Leeds-Bradford Airport.  It has had 8 breaches of night-time rules in the last  year.  It is now being asked by Leeds City Council to give a formal commitment to introduce quieter planes, and  timescale for doing so.  Two years ago the Council served a breach of condition notice on the airport after warning that further contraventions by Pakinstan Airlines would not be tolerated.  Improvements were made, but there are still breaches. Councillors agreed to support the approach of continued dialogue rather than formal action at this stage. At Leeds Bradford there is a restriction of planes at night that have a noise quota count greater than 1.  Leeds Bradford Airport is reviewing the designated night-time quota period of 2300—0700 as it wants to make the night period shorter, from 2330 – 0600.


Night-time flights breach rules at Yeadon

12th December 2012  (Telegraph and Argos)

By Annette McIntyre

A Pakistan International Airlines plane
A Pakistan International Airlines plane

An airline which has breached night-time flying rules at Leeds-Bradford Airport is being asked to give a formal commitment to introduce quieter planes.

Leeds City Council is asking for a commitment and timescale from the airport and Pakistan International Airlines after eight breaches of night-time rules in the last 12 months.

Two years ago the Council served a breach of condition notice on the airport after warning that further contraventions by the airline would not be tolerated. Improvements were made, and a report last year showed no recent problems.

But a report to the Council’s latest Plans Panel South and West showed eight breaches, and now the Council wants to see a commitment on the introduction of quieter and more reliable B777 aircraft for the PIA flights.

Reasons for the contraventions included snow and the late arrival of the incoming flight.

A report to the panel said: “Members need to be aware that LBlA has some of the most stringent night-time noise restrictions of all major UK airports and are currently the only airport not permitted to allow aircraft to depart during the night-time hours that have a noise quota count greater than 0.5. “The majority of the main airports in the UK allow noise quota count of 4.0 during the night-time period.”  (It appears that the noise quota count is 1.0, not 0.5).

Members heard that the airport had continued to work hard with the airline to minimise night-time breaches.

The report said: “As members are aware, the outcome of these previous discussions are that the number of PIA flights from LBIA has been reduced, and the time that they depart from LBIA has been moved forward by two hours. “The result of these ongoing discussions and the changes made is that the numbers of breaches that have occurred have been reduced over time although the performance over the past 12 months is a retrograde step.”

Councillors agreed to support the approach of continued dialogue rather than formal action at this stage.





The Leeds Bradford Airport Noise Action Plan 2012 states:

(pages 17 – 18)

Quota Count and Maximum Jet Aircraft Movement

EPNdB means “Effective perceived noise level. Its measurement involves analyses of the frequency spectra of noise events as well as the maximum level.”


Maximum Jet Aircraft Movement

The only aircraft allowed to operate at night (2300-0700) at LBIA are those aircraft
which have a QC of less than 1 for departures or a QC of 1 or below for arrivals (i.e.
only the quietest aircraft types). In addition to the restrictions based on QC, the
conditions set limits on the absolute number of night-time aircraft movements
allowed in any season. These limits currently stand at 2800 for summer and 1200
for winter. Aircraft listed as exempt in the quota count system are not included in the
limit on night-time movements.

LBIA is reviewing the designated night-time quota period of 2300—0700.
Consideration is being given to a re-designated night-time quota period of 2330-
0600, which would be in line with most other major UK airports. In the meantime
existing restrictions will remain in place.

Noise Action Plan 2012





Leeds-Bradford say 93 per cent of flights are on an agreed course

20th January 2011 (Telegraph and Argos)

By Jonathan Redhead, Ilkley/Otley Reporter

Leeds-Bradford AirportLeeds-Bradford Airport

More than nine out of ten flights out of Leeds-Bradford International Airport are on course when they fly over Burley-in-Wharfedale, a forum was told tonight.

Bosses from the airport agreed to give a presentation at the Burley Neighbourhood Forum after concerns and a spate of complaints from villagers.

For years they have claimed aircraft leaving Runway 32 at Leeds Bradford have not been ‘track-keeping’ as they fly overhead.

But last night David Smillie, the airport’s head of airside operations, told the meeting LBIA’s track-keeping had improved considerably during the past couple of years with 93 per cent of all flights staying within the ‘noise preferential route’.

The route, which cuts across to the west of the airport and extends to an opening of 1.5km between Burley and Menston, is narrower than the usual 3km opening allowed at most regional airports around the country.

And he said 90 per cent of complaints about track-keeping last August were unfounded, with reasonable explanations for the other ten per cent.

“We have done extremely well to get most of our aircraft in that area,” Mr Smillie said.

“I think part of the issue is when you look up into the sky, the ability to track aircraft from the ground is very difficult.

“We do understand that and look into complaints as best we can.”

Carl Lapworth, LBIA’s director of operations and engineering, reminded about 100 residents at the forum of the rules for night flights. He said 4,000 movements of planes were allowed between 11pm and 7am during every 12-month period, with 2,800 of those between April and October and 1,200 between October and April.

But Mr Lapworth did concede the rules and the airport’s noise action plan dated back to the 1980s and would be reviewed in the future.

Earlier he told the forum LBIA contributed £98.5 million to the region’s economy per year, with 2.85 million passengers and 2,500 direct and indirect employees.

Mr Lapworth said the airport wanted the figure to rise to five million passengers to add 2,000 jobs and contribute £200 million to the economy. “It’s an important thing to say every successful region is supported by a successful regional airport,” he said. “We’re trying to make it a much better airport for everybody.






Leeds Bradford Airport warned over late-night flying

16.4.2010   (Leeds Guardian)

* Council tells airport to sort out problem with late-running service after planning consent breaches
* Meeting discusses controverial Guiseley mill plan, Headingley student flats and Horsforth extension

Bosses at Leeds-Bradford International Airport have been told to stop breaching planning rules over noisy night-time flying.

A late-running Pakistan International Airline (PIA) flight to Islamabad has created all 32 breaches in the rules, which are aimed at protecting residents in neighbouring Aireborough, Horsforth and beyond from being disturbed by late-night flying between 11pm and 7am.

Councillors on the plans west committee have decided to write to the airport, warning them that further breaches will not be tolerated and demanding action to tackle the problem.

The airport says it is to bring the departure time of the long-haul flight forward, there will be fewer departures and the airline will use a quieter type of aircarft. LBIA is also working on a noise action plan for all flights. Problems with PIA included late arrival of the aircraft, technical problems and security incidents.

But councillors weren’t satisfied.

Labour councillor Elizabeth Nash said:

“Why should people have to put up with this? All those people who objected to the extension of the runway at Yeadon warned this sort of thing would happen and they were right.

“If this issue is not resolved, we will ahve to get tough on them.”

Between November 2007 and October 2008, 15 flights breached planning consent; between November 2008 until October 2009 there were 10 flights; and from November 2009 until February 2010 there were seven. The flight is scheduled to arrive at 7.25pm and depart at 9pm.

Planning chief Martin Sellens said that planner had tried to work with the airport, which had been trying to resolve the situation through negotiations through PIA.

He added:

“My feeling is we should not take out enforcement action yet but there should be a threat there. We should write to them and let them know that this issue must be resolved.”

Councillors agreed to write to the airport demanding action over the PIA flight and threatening enforcement action if the problem wasn’t resolved. The council will also ask how traffic departure times are monitored and will ask for regular updates on the airport’s noise action plan.

The decision comes the same week Aireborough Civic Society urged residents to have their say on the noise action plan as part of a public consultation by the airport.





Further breaches at Leeds Bradford airport ‘won’t be tolerated’ by council

16th April 2010    Leeds Bradford airport is being warned that further breaches of night-flight rules will not be tolerated. Leeds planners have agreed to formally warn Leeds-the airport after considering a report which detailed 32 incidents over the past year when aircraft have breached the deadline. The vast majority involved Pakistan International Airlines and its predecessor Shaheen Airlines. The council wants a firm timetable for tackling the problem. (T & A)    Click here to view full story…

Leeds Bradford Airport under scrutiny over late-night flying

13th April 2010     Councillors will this week consider a report which details 32 breaches of planning rules (7 between Nov 2009 and Feb 2010) over noisy night-time flying at Leeds Bradford International Airport. A late-running Pakistan International Airline (PIA) flight to Islamabad has created all the breaches in the rules, which operate to reducenight flying between 11pm-7am. (Guardian)   Click here to view full story…