New book “Tangled Wings” on the history of Gatwick airport and its neighbouring village, Charlwood

“Tangled Wings” tells the story of Gatwick from its opening in 1936 to the present day, as seen from the nearby village of Charlwood.

The author, Brendon Sewill, has lived in Charlwood all his life and has held key posts at the centre of government, at the centre of the banking industry (when it was respectable) and at the centre of several national environmental bodies. He brings this experience to bear on the relationship between a small but historic village and an ever-expanding brash noisy airport.

Part autobiography, part village history, and part an account of the tangled development of British airports, make this full size book an easy read.  And there are plenty of fascinating illustrations.

With the press full of speculation about where a new runway or a new airport should be built, Tangled Wings is a valuable contribution to the national debate.

“This book tells – with characteristic humour and insight – the story of how one village has stood up to its airport neighbour, and with its behind-the-scenes glimpses of the ins and outs of both local and national politics, it will be of interest to readers both with and without a personal connection to Charlwood.”

Tim Johnson, Director Aviation Environment Federation

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By Brendon Sewill




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