Concern in boroughs near Heathrow about aircraft noise threat from new runways

The flight paths, and areas to be affected by aircraft noise if Heathrow was allowed to build a 3rd and even a 4th runway were revealed earlier this week by the 2M group. People in Richmond are very concerned about the even greater noise intrusion into their lives that would be caused. A Richmond Cabinet member said Heathrow expansion would make cause blight to spread to parts of the borough that are currently less affected whilst increasing the disruption for those who already suffer the burden of continual aircraft noise. Residents in Surbiton are also very concerned that their area may suffer from a large degree of noise. One resident said it would probably force her to move out of the area, and “It is greed, it is capitalism. I care greatly about the environment and we are already wrecking what we have got.” Another said the plane noise puts him off living in the area. Richmond are holding a referendum in May, as are Hillingdon and Hounslow councils, to show the Airports Commission and the industry that Heathrow is not an acceptable location for expansion.  



Heathrow expansion ‘would hit Surbiton’ campaigners claim

5th April 2013 (Local Guardian, Surbiton)

By Nazia Dewji, Reporter

Could this be the future?Could this be the future? 

Surbiton residents may have to deal with roaring aircraft flying overhead for the first time if Heathrow expands to a third and fourth runway.

Richmond residents already have to deal with noise from planes but new flight path plans show that for the first time Kingston could be blighted.

New maps released by the 2M Group of councils which includes Kingston, Richmond, Wandsworth and Hounslow show possible routes could also affect Cobham, Esher and Weybridge.

Kingston and Surbiton MP Edward Davey said: “If we have massive expansion at Heathrow many more will be affected.

“Any expansion to Heathrow is going to produce more noise for everyone in south-west London.”

Richmond Park MP Zac Goldsmith said: “Residents currently living under the flight path are only too aware of the implications of an expanded Heathrow.

“But people who moved to Ham and north Kingston with a legitimate expectation that they would not be affected will be shocked by this map.

“I hope Kingston residents will join the campaign against expansion.”

Robin Meltzer, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Richmond Park, said: “I don’t think there is any solution that includes expanding Heathrow airport that could not affect tens or hundreds of thousands of people who are not currently affected – it is a scary thought. If any scheme goes forward it would be bad for people in south-west London.”

Leader of Kingston Council Derek Osbourne, said: “It had only affected parts of the borough before. It would be an outrage.

“We have always been bothered by Heathrow expansion and we would be even more affected.”

Surbiton Hill Councillor Malcolm Self said: “I do not think residents will be very chuffed at the idea of a flight path coming over Surbiton. I am certainly not supporting the expansion of Heathrow.”

But James Leach, group marketing director of Air Charter Service in Millbank House, Ewell Road, said: “Expand Heathrow and people will complain about noise.

“Leave and build an airport away from west London and the area will go into decline as the majority of the 114,000 jobs will be moved somewhere else, not to mention the complaints from residents in the area wherever they build the new airport.”

A Heathrow spokesman said: “We are currently examining a number of options, all of which result in significantly less noise for  residents than the 2M Group’s scaremongering.

“We will submit our preferred options to the Airports Commission in the summer.

“We know aircraft noise can disturb people living under the flight path which is why we encourage airlines to fly only their quietest aircraft at Heathrow through higher charges for noisier aircraft.

“We also offer insulation to residents and are currently working with noise campaigners to give residents predictable respite from early morning noise.”

What you said about threat:

Liza Beyer, from Surbiton, said: “It would be a disaster, to be honest with you. A flight path directly over here would probably force me to move out. It is greed, it is capitalism.

“I care greatly about the environment and we are already wrecking what we have got.”


Andrew Sullivan, from Norbiton, said: “I work in Surbiton, but I live in Kingston close to a flight path.

“I do not think it will make a lot of difference to noise levels to be honest, provided the altitudes are pretty much as they are over Kingston. I do not think the volume of air traffic will make much difference.”


Maryse Farag, 25, from Twickenham, said: “I feel sorry for the residents of Surbiton if there is going to be a flight path directly over them.

“I can hear planes where I live and am regularly kept awake by them, particularly in the summer months if I have the window open. It puts me off living in the area.”





3.4.2013 (Richmond Borough Council press release)

The human cost of Heathrow expansion revealed

Richmond is to be plagued by noise pollution should a third or fourth runway at Heathrow become a reality, according to research by the 2M group.

The 2M group, an all-party campaign group that opposes expansion of Heathrow, has produced ‘noise contour maps’, detailing the areas that could be affected if expansion was given the green light.

Should Heathrow be allowed to develop, up to 3 million people could be affected by the noise of planes taking off and landing from 4:30 in the morning every day. The additional flight paths for extra runways ensure that Richmond, Twickenham and most of the rest of the borough sit firmly under either arrival or departure paths, and are subject to extra noise.

Cllr Virginia Morris, Cabinet Member for Environment, Planning, Parks and Highways, said:

“As if it is not enough already, the noise our residents suffer from flights to and from Heathrow, expansion would make sure this blight is spread to parts of the borough that are currently less affected whilst increasing the disruption for those who already suffer the burden of continual aircraft noise.

“The idea of expanding an airport that already has a huge detrimental impact on the lives of so many people is plainly ludicrous! That is why we are holding a referendum in May this year, along with similar actions in Hillingdon and Hounslow councils, to show both the Government’s Airports Commission and the industry that Heathrow is not an acceptable location for expansion and that other options need to be considered.” [Pity she added that bit – not good to pass the unwelcome buck onto someone else].

The 2M group has consistently warned that Heathrow will not stop expanding if granted a third runway; as its main European rivals, and the models for an effective ‘hub’ airport, have four or more. Charles de Gaulle, Heathrow’s nearest rival, has four runways. Frankfurt and Barajas (Madrid) also have four and Schiphol (Amsterdam) has six.




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New flight path maps from 2M, for 3rd and 4th Heathrow runways, show huge areas and up to 3 million people affected by noise

April 2, 2013     The 2M group, which represents some 24 local councils and between them some 3 million people, have released likely flight path maps for 3rd and 4th Heathrow runways. 2M estimate that while some 1 million people are affected by Heathrow noise at present, with 2 more runways, that would rise to 3 million people. Their indicative flight paths for arrivals and departures show the large areas which would be affected by aircraft noise if a northern and a southern runway were to be built . The approach across London to a northern runway would cover Mayfair, Belgravia, Sloane Square, South Kensington, Earl’s Court, West Kensington, Hammersmith, Chiswick and Brent. That would include all these parks (which cannot be soundproofed): Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, St James’s Park and Kensington Gardens. The areas which would be affected by approaches to a southern runway would be Streatham, Balham, Tooting, Wandsworth Common, Earlsfield, Southfields, Putney Heath, Roehampton, Richmond Park, Richmond town centre, Isleworth, Hounslow Heath and Bedfont. The leader of Wandsworth Council commenting on blighting the lives of 3 million people and spoiling the quiet enjoyment of huge parts of London: “The price is far too high and the benefits far from certain.” This will definitely be a key political issue at the next election.    Click here to view full story…