Facebook campaign launched by local frequent flyer to ‘save’ Durham Tees Valley Airport

A frequent flyer who uses Durham Tees Valley airport has launched a  Facebook campaign to ‘save’ the Airport.  She is concerned about the airport’s “master plan.” This aims to secure the airport’s long term future by the development of 400 homes on land to the west and north of the terminal which officials say would generate millions of pounds of investment to put back into the airport. The frequent flyer says she gets “so frustrated that we cannot use Teesside Airport.”  The Facebook page has over 2,000 “likes” with many people irritated by the behaviour of t he owners, Peel Holdings. One typical post says: “COME ON people of the North East…..we have a mountain to climb ……we MUST get our message across to politicians and councils (supposedly who have our interests at heart) that we are not prepared to sit back and watch this “BEAST” of a company take our airport away !!!”  The airport had  159,300 passengers in 2013 compared with over 900,000 in 2005 and 2006. 


Facebook campaign launched to ‘save’ Durham Tees Valley Airport

26th February 2014

By Hannah Bryan, Reporter, The Northern Echo (Darlington)

The Northern Echo: Campaign launched to 'save' Durham Tees Valley AirportCampaign launched to ‘save’ Durham Tees Valley Airport

A FREQUENT flyer has launched a campaign to ‘save’ Durham Tees Valley Airport.

Suzanne Foster, of Potto, near Stokesley, created the Facebook page,Save Teesside Airport, to voice her concerns over a masterplan unveiled by the airport’s owner, Peel Holdings, which aims to secure the airport’s long term future.

The plans would see the development of 400 homes on land to the west and north of the terminal which officials say would generate millions of pounds of investment to put back into the airport.

Mrs Foster, 69, said: “I travel a lot and get so frustrated that we cannot use Teesside Airport.

“Teesside has got excellent transport links which others, like Leeds Bradford, do not have, and has one of the longest runways in the country and a better weather record.

“There are so many people around here who feel the airport has been left to disappear.”

The Facebook page was set up about a week ago and has already received hundreds of messages of support.

It comes just weeks after Middlesbrough councillor, Chris Hobson, launched a petition calling on the Government to safeguard the airport.

Mrs Foster has also written to local MPs, Friends of Durham Tees Valley Airport, travel companies and Virgin boss, Sir Richard Branson, to help find a way forward for the airport.

She is also urging people to attend a public meeting hosted by the Friends of Durham Tees Valley Airport at 7pm on Friday, March 7 at the airport’s St George Hotel.

For more information on the campaign visitfacebook.com and search Save Teesside Airport.


 Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/SAVE-Teesside-Airport/266661683496715


  Recent air passenger data for Durham Tees Valley airport:
CAA aviation statistics 

Terminal Passengers:

UK Airport Statistics: 2012 – annual  (Table 10.3)  Terminal Passengers  2002 – 2012


2013      159,311,000 (down – 3.3% on 2012

2012      164,826  (down – 13.4% on 2011)
2011      190,284 (down – 15% on 2010)
2010      225,000  (down – 22% on 2009)  link to 2010 data
2009      288,327 (down – 55.4% on 2008)
2008      646,741  (down 12.1% on 2007)
2007      734  thousand   (down 20% on 2006)
2006      912 thousand
2005      902   ”
2000      740   ”
1996      429   “


Recent news about failing Durham Tees Valley airport:

Durham Tees Valley Airport should go for Government cash a third time, claims Sedgefield MP

1 Nov 2013           . Durham Tees Valley Airport bosses should try to secure Government regeneration cash a third time, Sedgefield MP Phil Wilson has claimed. MP for Sedgefield Phil Wilson says the Government needs to play its part in keeping Durham Tees Valley Airport going, despite 2 failed bids by its owners for Regional Growth Fund (RGF) cash to pay for road infrastructure. Meanwhile, Balkan Holidays has said it was naturally “disappointed” by the airport’s decision to drop its August 2014 Bulgaria flight. The MP said: “The Government needs to play its part. I would encourage the airport to put in another bid for RGF cash but I can understand any reticence in not doing so. “Peel can’t carry on losing millions a year. They’re doing their best, but the Government has turned them down twice.”  http://www.gazettelive.co.uk/business/business-news/durham-tees-valley-airport-should-6262956

Durham Tees Valley Airport scraps mainstream holiday flights – now just links to Schiphol, Aberdeen and Jersey

Date added: October 30, 2013

Durham Tees Valley Airport has decided, after a review of its business, to axe its holiday flights in order to concentrate on business travel. The struggling airport will continue passenger flights to Amsterdam, Aberdeen and Jersey only – but all holiday charters will end next summer. Scheduled daily passenger flights to Schiphol (Amsterdam) – operated by KLM – and Eastern Airways’ flights to Aberdeen will continue as normal, and Flybe link to Jersey. But the airport will be “streamlining operations and moving away from all mainstream holiday charter programmes”. Tour operators affected by the move are Thomson/First Choice and Balkan Holidays. Thomson Holidays has cancelled its two flight destinations for 2014 from Durham Tees Valley. The terminal will undergo changes, making the operational area smaller . Investment in the new layout will make it more suited to customers on scheduled flights with “new retail offerings and business services”. They are trying to keep some aviation use for the airport and will have their masterplan for public consultation from mid-November.     Click here to view full story…


Failing Durham Tees Valley airport new “Master Plan”; sound strategy – or a last throw of dice?

Date added: October 14, 2013

Durham Tees Valley airport, owned by Peel Holdings, has been doing very badly in recent years. It has twice failed to secure government funding for its expansion, but has now bought land it says could be used for “engineering, storage and distribution operations”. Since February it has been involved in taking apart and recycling old planes. The airport’s management say they will shortly be putting out a Master Plan, which is an aspiration of how they would like the airport to develop. Peel Holdings said the proposals would safeguard the airport’s flights to Schiphol and Aberdeen. A local MP said “This must not become an excuse to transition it being an industrial estate that happens to have a runway.” An airport manager commented that few airports can survive from passenger traffic revenue only. Commentators say the Master Plan could be seen as either the last throw of the dice, or a viable and coherent strategy. Though it suggests the airport plans to develop the commercial potential to retain passenger services, the unstated implication is that the battle is lost. Changes in the market and the end of the low-cost air travel boom mean there is no need for another passenger airport between Leeds Bradford and Newcastle.     Click here to view full story…


Durham Tees Valley Airport bid for Regional Growth Fund money rejected again

August 3, 2013     Durham Tees Valley airport has been wanting £4.6m from the Government’s Regional Growth Fund (RGF) to help create an overall investment of £46.5m for the airport. But now for the second time, their bid has been refused by government. If approved, it would have meant a new access road on the south side of the airport and might – the airport claims – have led to the creation of “1,400 new jobs over the next ten years.” Hartlepool councillors are not happy, and it was agreed at a meeting of the full council to write to Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Innovation and Skills, to express their “disgust” over the decision. Labour councillor Robbie Payne, chairman of the council’s regeneration committee, said: “The decision has not only put our region at a disadvantage but makes Durham Tees Valley more unsustainable.” The RGFofficials did not include the bid among their 102 successful projects, including 6 in the Tees Valley. In October 2012 their bid for funding for a freight terminal was rejected by the RGF.     Click here to view full story…


Airport bids to turn car park into caravan storage site

12.3.2013   As the airport has had such a large drop in numbers in recent  years, it has applied to turn part of its long-stay car park into a storage area for caravans in a bid to generate income.  The decline means that a large part of the airport’s long stay car park has become surplus to requirements, with a large section cordoned off and left unused. The airport’s owner, Peel Holdings, has now applied to Darlington Borough Council to change a 1.7 hectare section of the car park – more than 900 spaces – into a storage area for caravans, motorhomes and other vehicles for the next three years.  Click here to view full story ….


Plan revealed to dismantle planes at Durham Tees Valley Airport

February 20, 2013     Durham Tees Valley Airport is set to become a centre for the storage and dismantling of unused planes, and recycling parts. Sycamore Aviation has set up its base at the struggling airport and has already begun work on taking apart a number of airliners. The airport has a long runway, enabling it to handle larger planes, and plenty of hangar space. There are apparently “huge numbers” of aircraft retiring across Europe. A Sycamore Aviation spokesman said one airline alone is likely to need to dispose of 20 jumbo jets and 20 Boeing 737 aircraft in the next 3 -4 years – an illustration of the potential scale of demand. They say that across Europe between 500 to 700 aircraft a year need to be decommissioned and currently there are just not enough facilities to meet the demand. The number of passengers using Durham Tees Valley airport has fallen steadily from around 912,000 in 2006 to 165,000 in 2012.     Click here to view full story…


Bosses at Durham Tees Valley Airport express “acute disappointment” at bid failure

19.10.2012     AIRPORT bosses  expressed their “acute disappointment” at the Government’s decision to reject a bid for regeneration cash. However, Durham they said they remained committed to the Southside freight terminal development – despite the failure of the £5.9m Regional Growth Fund (RGF) application. DTVA chairman Robert Hough said the company would be demanding an explanation from ministers after the RGF bid was turned down. “It was hoped the £5.9m scheme, which would take ten years to complete and create up to 1,500 jobs, could breathe new life into the airport, which was close to going out of business last year amid falling passenger numbers.”   Click here to view full story …