“Gatwick Obviously” adverts on the tube not merely subvertised but now substituted

 Gatwick airport has produced a huge number of adverts, on bill boards, on underground stations, and on underground trains. The campaign must have cost a vast amount of money. The theme of the adverts has been “Gatwick Obviously” in their attempt to influence first the thinking of the Airports Commission, and then also the next Government – which will have to decide what to do with the Commission’s report after summer/autumn 2015. The Gatwick adverts have suffered from being subvertised, but on Monday 19th around 200 on the underground were replaced with substitutes – by Plane Stupid. The temptation must just have  been too strong ….  Earlier the ad canpaign had the misfortune to have plastered the walls of Bank and Westminster stations, on the two days of the tube strike in April.



Gatwick Obviously  1


This is one of the Gatwick adverts.









and here is another:

Gatwick advert













And here is another:

Gatwick advert about M25










Below is one of the Plane Stupid substitutes that were put up across the underground, with a total of 200 of the adverts being changed over.













The Gatwick adverts have also been subvertised in various ways.

Such as:

Gatwick Seriously












Gatwick fine the size it is














Gatwick and the Heathrow M25












“Gatwick Obviously” poster subvertised into ” Gatwick Seriously?”

29.4.2014   “ A new runway at Gatwick could be ready by 2025, bringing huge economic benefits to its owners, while you get more traffic, more noise and a new town the size of Crawley. And they say it’s the obvious choice.”  Gatwick Obviously  1  Spot the differences.  Gatwick Seriously (Box 4 refers to the only way, on the Gatwick consultation form, it is possible to express opposition to any of the airport’s runway schemes).