Thousands across France will converge on Nantes for 5/6th July – many marching with walking stick relay

Over the weekend of 5th and 6th July , there will be another massive mobilisation at Notre Dame des Landes, against the planned new airport – to replace the existing Nantes airport. Thousands will attend from across France. There are around 200 support committees across the country, working to oppose the airport. Now there will be “convergences” from across France, where people are already setting out to walk to the protest. Others will travel, by bike, and many also by vehicle – having attended protest rallies in the areas from where they start. The chosen symbol for these marches, or “caravans” will be their walking sticks. Remembering the civil protests in the 1970s against a military camp at Larzac, those walking will bring with them a walking stick (engraved with their name, and the region from which they come), and the rhythmic noise of these clacking on the tarmac will be, as with the Larzac march to Paris in 1978, the sound signature of this part of the  protest. Those who cannot complete the whole march will pass on their walking sticks as a relay, so they arrive at Notre Dame des Landes.



Message from the organizing team of the Convergence NDL 2014.
The next big rally against the National Ayraultport (Airport) project will take place at Notre Dame des Landes (NDL) on 5 and 6 July 2014. We want to make this gathering a festive time but certainly militant.
It will be to demonstrate that we are more determined than ever and massively mobilized with unfailing motivation against this totally unnecessary and against all GPII, against the devastation and grabbing agricultural land and biodiversity against a model of society imposed which does not suit us and leads us straight into the wall.
Along with the implementation of this gathering, we plan to organize the widest possible convergence NDL; with “caravans” (walking, bicycles, tractors, cars …), which would leave the main sites of struggle where the Great Unnecessary and Imposed Projects (GPII  – les Grands Projets Inutiles et Imposés) and converge to NDL (organizing information meetings, gatherings, meeting in urban and rural crossings on the route) to arrive at the final rally.
The principle of this action was approved by the Coordination of opponents (with more than 50 organizations) and meeting support committees January 18, 2014 Fay de Bretagne.
We therefore appeal to you to see the conditions to complete this action.
To contact the organizing team:
Blog dédié :
To organize the convergence this summer, the convergence group await the support committee representatives from 9am during St. Peter in order to make the first contact for some and especially present the project.
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Départ de la marche vers Notre-Dame-des-Landes


Les marcheurs pour Notre-Dame-des-Landes sont partis hier en fin d’après-midi, en chantant. Les marcheurs pour Notre Dame des Landes s’apprêtent à partir en chanson.


Convergences 4 posters



Images of the posters from 

Convergences 4 posters 2

Publié le 19 Mai 2014
[Imperfect translation into English below].

TOGETHER to strengthen actions against the Great Unnecessary Imposed Projects (GPII) for the preservation of agricultural land and jobs, for a choice of society that no longer endangers biodiversity and future generations …

Let’s make the next big national rally against the airport project on 5 and 6 July 2014 a militant and festive time of sharing information!

TOGETHER we will demonstrate that we are more determined than ever and massively mobilized.

This convergence is an opportunity from local struggles, decentralized throughout the country, to popularize and unite these struggles.

It will result in different forms of action plans:

• “caravans” (walking, bicycles, tractors, cars …)
• meeting points, information
• meetings in cities and rural areas travelled through, on the way to get to the final rally on the grounds of Bellevue on July 4 at around 19:00 .

8 decentralized rallies are planned at the weekend of June 28 and 29 as well as 3 large gatherings on 2 and 3 July.

6 major routes will emerge from 1 June

More than 10 caravans with stages in their journey will stop in symbolic places of struggle.

A great movement, throughout France starts to denounce the “artificialisaiton” of farmland and major harmful projects.

All paths converge at Notre Dame des Landes and the big rally on 5 and 6 July 2014.

If you want to participate by joining a caravan :

the tabs on top you have different caravans (bike / foot or vehicle) with the path to find the one that suits you best. You can contact officials, register and get information by leaving your email or phone number.

If you cannot follow a caravan but want to participate ?

Join one of the largest gatherings offered in the area where you are. A number or email address is available for contact. You may also be able to take part in one or two stages, depending on your availability.

For more information, contact us:

The symbol of convergence: Walking stick


On December 2, 1978, the peasants of Larzac ]. finished their work and come to Paris.
[Larzac was a 10 year struggle by farmers etc against a large government military camp. It was finally won, and the way it was carried out has been an inspiration to other social struggles, and civil disobedience, across France ever since.].

They took shepherd’s crooks, used by the shepherds on the Larzac plateau, and in an impressive silence, they advanced to the rhythm of the walking sticks hitting the tarmac rhythmically in front of many mobile guards who were waiting for them.

Published April 4, 2014


Michel’s walking stick will be carried as a relay  (Michel is a veteran campaigner against the NDDL airport, and has resisted it for years. He endured a one month hunger strike a few years ago – fasting for longer than anyone else was able to).

In November 2013, Michel Tarin* wrote: “I will go with my walking stick, with me remaining strength and in non-violence, on this ground, and we will defend it,square meter by square meter! I will not use my stick to bash the police but, as when our friends from Larzac went up to Paris, we will make our sticks resonate on the lands of the ZAD our sticks on land ZAD to protect if from the the programmed rampage … “

In May 2014, while the convergence towards NDDL were being organised, Michel expresses the idea that each person should bring with them a walking stick that will resonate in all places visited on the way to the ZAD at Notre Dame des Landes.

We have taken up his idea and made the stick the symbol of our struggle.

Michel’s stick will be at the rally at Glières on 31st May, and will be carried, from hand to hand and from struggle and struggle to NDDL on the 4th July.


Obtain, or make yourself, a walking stick.
Wood is recommended.
Engrave into the wood your name or nickname …your department … the date …

Take this stick to NDDL making it resonate through all the places of struggle you pass through.

You can also use it to support yourself and lean on.

If you are not going to NDDL, give your stick to someone else who will carry it on to the next step until it reaches its destination.



In French:

ENSEMBLE pour renforcer les actions contre les Grands Projets Inutiles Imposés (GPII), pour la préservation des terres et des emplois agricoles, pour un autre choix de société qui ne mettrait plus en danger la biodiversité et l’avenir des générations futures…

Faisons du prochain grand rassemblement national contre le projet d’aéroport des 5 et 6 juillet 2014 un moment d’informations et d’échanges militant et festif !

Nous ferons ENSEMBLE la démonstration que nous restons plus que jamais déterminés et massivement mobilisés.

Cette convergence est l’occasion, à partir des luttes locales, décentralisées sur tout le territoire, de populariser et de fédérer ces luttes.

Elle se traduira par différentes formes d’actions déterminées:

• “caravanes” (à pied, vélos, tracteurs, voitures…)

• points de rencontre, d’information

• meetings dans les villes et campagnes traversées pour arriver au moment du rassemblement final sur les terres de Bellevue le 4 juillet vers 19h00.

8 rassemblements décentralisés sont envisagés au week end du 28 et 29 juin ainsi que3 grandes convergences les 2 et 3 juillet.

6 grands parcours se dessineront à partir du 1°Juin.

Plus de 10 caravanes avec des étapes s’arrêteront dans des lieux symboliques de luttes.

Un grand mouvement , à travers toute la France se met en marche pour dénoncer l’artificialisation des terres agricoles et les grands projets nuisibles.

Tous les chemins convergent vers Notre Dame des Landes et son grand rassemblement des 5 et 6 Juillet 2014.

Vous souhaitez y participer en rejoignant une caravanesur les onglets en haut vous avez les différentes caravanes (à vélo/à pied ou motorisées) avec les trajet pour trouver celle qui vous correspond le mieux. Vous avez un mail ou un numéro pour contacter les responsables, vous inscrire et obtenir des renseignements.

Vous ne pouvez pas suivre une caravane mais vous souhaitez participer? Rejoignez un des grands rassemblements proposés dans la région où vous êtes. Un numéro ou un mail est à disposition pour prendre contact. Vous pouvez aussi faire une ou deux étapes suivant vos disponibilités.

Pour toute information, contactez nous:

Le symbole des convergences: Le Bâton


2 décembre 1978, les paysans du Larzac finissent leur marche et arrivent à Paris.

Ils se sont appropriés le bâton des bergers du causse et, dans un silence impressionnant, ils avancent au rythme des bâtons qui frappent le bitume en cadence au devant des nombreux gardes mobiles qui les attendent.

Novembre 2013, Michel Tarin écrit : »J’irai avec mon bâton, avec les forces qui me restent et dans la non-violence, sur le terrain et nous le défendrons mètre carré par mètre carré ! Je n’utiliserai pas mon bâton pour cogner sur les forces de police mais, comme lorsque les copains du Larzac montaient à Paris, nous ferons résonner le chant de nos bâtons sur les terres de la ZAD pour les protéger du saccage programmé… »

Mai 2014, alors que s’organisent les convergences vers NDL, Michel émet l’idée que chaque personne apporte son bâton qui résonnera dans tous les lieux traversés jusqu’à la ZAD de NDL.

Nous avons repris son idée et fait du bâton le symbole de notre lutte.

Quant au bâton de Michel, il sera le 31 mai au rassemblement des Glières et sera rapporté, de mains en mains et de luttes en luttes, à NDL le 4 juillet.


Procurez-vous, fabriquez-vous un bâton de marche.

Le bois est recommandé. Méfiez-vous des contre-façons.

Gravez dans le bois votre nom ou surnom…votre département…la date…

Apportez ce bâton à NDL en le faisant résonner sur tous les lieux de lutte que vous traverserez.

Vous pouvez aussi vous en servir pour vous appuyer.

Si vous n’allez pas à NDL, confiez-le à une autre personne qui l’apportera jusqu’à l’étape suivante jusqu’à ce qu’il arrive à destination.





Larzac marches – 1978

from Wikipedia

Paris marches

“More ingenious tactics were soon put in play. On 25 October 1974, a flock of 60 sheep were transported to Paris and set to grazing on the Champ de Mars, right under the Eiffel Tower. To inquiring gendarmes, the shepherds explained that it was publicity for Roquefort cheese.

Earlier, a protest march on Paris had been triggered by the signature of the decree of expropriation in the public interest, on 26 December 1972. The march began on the following 7 January, with stops at RodezSaint-FlourClermont-FerrandNevers and Orléans.[3] At each stop, marchers were welcomed and lodged by local committees. Meetings, rallies, and press conferences were organised.[14]

Police and local authorities were much less welcoming. The marchers were harassed at every stop-over. Finally, at Orléans, the procession was blocked by the CRS (French riot police) and their 26 tractors impounded. Bernard Lambert, leader of the Mouvement des Paysans Travailleurs (Working Peasant Movement), promptly arranged for the loan of 26 tractors belonging to farmers in the Orléans area, the CRS were outflanked, and the march proceeded to Paris.[3]

A second Paris march began on 2 December 1978. 18 Larzac farmers walked 710 km in 25 stages. The CRS blocked the centre of Paris, but 40,000 supporters rallied on the outskirts, making the largest demonstration of the year.”



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