Heathrow campaign, HACAN, will not be taking part in the consultation on noise compensation, for a 3rd runway

On 21st July Heathrow published a consultation on how it hopes to persuade thousands of people, who would be badly affected by increased aircraft noise from its operations, to accept money as compensation. It is offering £550 million, if it is allowed to build a 3rd runway, in various schemes. The £550 million is a one-off, not an annual sum. The aim is to buy off opposition. The existence of the consultation aims to convey the impression that a 3rd runway is inevitable, and that Heathrow is being stunningly generous. Neither is true. The community group dealing in particular with noise due to Heathrow,  HACAN, has had numerous complaints from residents who are furious about the assumptions being made in the Heathrow consultation. They do not like being steamrollered into discussions about compensation for something they deeply oppose.  HACAN will not be taking any part in the consultation, and not encouraging its members to do so. They feel the compensation discussion “puts the cart before the horse”. Providing Heathrow with assistance in how best to win over residents, whose quality of life will be reduced by a new runway, is not in the interests of those overflown, now or in the future.


Consultation ends 12th October


Campaign group refuses to discuss airport’s £550m runway compensation

Consultation “puts cart before the horse”, says Heathrow campaign group leader


Heathrow has launched a 12-week consultation on how the airport should shape a proposed £0.5bn compensation package in the event a third runway gets built but opponents have slammed the scheme saying it “puts the cart before the horse”.

The consultation is part of Heathrow’s updated submission to the Airports Commission where it committed to spending more than £550m for new noise and property compensation schemes, if the third runway gets approved.

The campaign group Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise (HACAN) has come out against the entire debate and said it will play no part in the process.

The consultation, which began on July 21 and runs until October 12, will seek views on how that compensation fund should be used.

Heathrow’s chief executive John Holland-Kaye said: “We believe our proposal to expand is the right way to deliver the capacity Britain needs to connect to fast growing economies around the world.

“This must go hand in hand with treating those most affected by a third runway fairly.

“This consultation provides local people with an opportunity to let us know their views to develop the right compensation scheme.”

In all around 180,000 households and businesses will be contacted in the coming weeks with details of how to take part.

However, HACAN has hit out at the whole process after it said “furious” residents had complained to the group about the matter.

HACAN chairman John Stewart said that residents felt they are being steamrollered into accepting the fact that a third runway is inevitable before the government has even made a decision on the future of Heathrow.

He said: “We get a constant stream of emails from people throughout the year but rarely have we been deluged with so many angry emails as we have had this past week over this consultation.

“People are simply not prepared to discuss compensation arising from a third runway they simply don’t want.”

Mr Stewart added: “HACAN works with Heathrow Airport on issues like flight paths which can improve the quality of life for people affected by the existing Heathrow but we will not be responding to this consultation.

“We believe this consultation is putting the cart before the horse.”

To view or take part in the consultation, visiyour.heathrow.com/consultation.





Heathrow’s website says:

Heathrow Public Consultation

Help shape Heathrow’s proposals for property and noise compensation

21st July – 12th October 2014

Heathrow has launched a new public consultation to help us shape the proposed compensation scheme as part of our updated proposals for a third runway at the Airport. The consultation provides an opportunity for local residents and businesses to give us their views on the principles behind our compensation proposals.

Our vision is for Heathrow to be a globally competitive world-class hub for the UK. Growth at Heathrow will provide the international connectivity that supports economic growth and maintains the UK’s position as a world economic power.
The benefits will be local and national. A third runway will create thousands of new jobs, increase trade and tourism, and boost spending in the wider economy.
But we understand that people living around Heathrow have concerns about airport expansion. In developing a third runway at Heathrow we must balance the wider benefits of a successful hub airport with the effects on our local communities.

A new runway, built on land beyond the current airport boundary, will have an impact on local homes and businesses. Flight paths for the new runway will expose new people to aircraft noise.

That’s why we’re committed to treating those most affected by our proposals fairly.

We’ve already said that we’ll spend £550m on new noise and property compensation schemes if the Government supports a third runway.

But we want to hear your views on the principles behind our compensation and mitigation schemes. We’re still at an early stage and we want to hear your views before we make those decisions.

Taking part in the consultation

community consultation front page crop 

[The consultation document is at   http://your.heathrow.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Property-and-Noise-Compensation-AW-200dpi.pdf

The consultation survey and this consultation booklet contain information on our proposals that you might find helpful to read before you complete the survey. If you would like to be sent a copy of the consultation booklet and survey, please let us know by emailing us or calling the Heathrow Community Relations team on 0800 307 7996.

You can also learn more and let us know your views by visiting one of the public exhibitions we are hosting at venues across the local area during the consultation period. We’ll have copies of the consultation survey that you can complete at each exhibition.

You have until the 12th October 2014 to take part.

We really do want to hear your views on Heathrow’s future and hope you’ll take the time to tell us what you think.





On Property Compensation, Heathrow says:


Property compensation

We’re committed to treating those most affected by our third runway proposals fairly. That’s why, in our May submission to the Airports Commission, we promised to set aside £550m to cover the costs of property and noise compensation if the Government supports a third runway at Heathrow.

From this fund, £300m will go towards compensation for homes and small businesses bought to make way for the new runway. For anyone whose property is compulsorily purchased, we’re proposing to pay:

  • The ‘unblighted’ market value of the property;
  • Plus a 25% above-market value ‘home-loss’ payment;
  • All legal costs for moving;
  • Stamp duty towards a new property.
  • During this consultation we are seeking your views on a number of issues related to the operation of a property compensation scheme, including eligibility for a ‘home loss’ payment, compensation for those who rent their property and compensation for those who would be moved closer to the boundary of an expanded Heathrow.
  • (Based on their north west runway proposal).
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  •  On Noise Compensation, Heathrow says: 
  • Noise Compensation

    • We’re committed to treating those most affected by our third runway proposals fairly. In addition to the £300m allocated for property compensation, our revised north-west runway plan also includes £250m to go towards noise compensation.We will use it to mitigate the effect of aircraft noise on homes in the highest noise areas and in areas exposed to significant new noise.
      ‘Noise compensation’ is a broad term covering three elements of mitigation:

      • An offer to buy people’s homes
      • Help with the costs of moving home
      • Noise insulation for people’s homes.

      This consultation provides an opportunity for you to let us know your views on what would constitute a fair approach to noise compensation, how noise impact should be measured and how we balance compensation for those who are newly affected by noise with those who are already impacted.

      We already have several schemes in place that meet or exceed Government guidelines. They provide noise compensation to over 40,000 homes around Heathrow (“Our schemes to help you“) . Compensation mostly takes the form of good-quality double glazing and loft insulation in people’s homes.

      We accept that if a third runway is to be built, we’ll have to offer an even better noise-compensation scheme. This consultation will help us develop that scheme.

      The big question is how the available compensation fund should be used. We want to hear what you think makes a fair compensation scheme.

    • http://your.heathrow.com/consultation/about/noise-compensation/
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    • Consultation summary document

      The consultation document  or summary sets out in detail the issues being considered by Heathrow as we shape our proposed compensation package and provides further information on our initial ideas for property and noise compensation. This consultation will be used to guide how the £550m Heathrow has promised for compensation, is spent.

      If you would like to request a hard copy of the consultation document along with a Freepost consultation survey form, please contact our team using the details on the Contact Heathrow page.

    • The response form is at   http://baa.force.com/compensation
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