Public inquiry into the ending of the “Cranford Agreement” to start on 2nd June and last 3 weeks

The Cranford Agreement was made in the 1950s, to ensure planes cannot take off from Heathrow’s northern runway, to the east, except in exceptional circumstances. That protected Cranford when there are easterly winds. However, it has meant that on easterly operations all take offs are from the southern runway, and all landings on the northern – hitting Windsor hard. Ending the Cranford Agreement would give Windsor residents more respite from the noise. Though the Agreement was formally ended in 2010, Heathrow needed to make changes in access and exit taxiways off the northern runway and consent is needed from Hillingdon Council. They have refused permission (on noise and air quality grounds), but the issue is now going to a public inquiry that starts on 2nd June.  It is likely to last for 3 weeks. The Heathrow plans needing planning consent are also the creation of a new ‘hold area’ at the western end of the northern runway, and the construction of a 5 metre high acoustic noise barrier to the south of Longford Village.



Hillingdon, Hounslow and the GLA continue to object to the ending of the Cranford Agreement on noise and air quality grounds. This is despite the Government having already assessed and considered these effects in making its decision to allow easterly departures.



Cranford location

Location of Cranford, east of the Heathrow northern runway 

The Hillingdon Planning site now includes, on its Appeal documents page for the application, the “Neighbour Notification Letter” advising Heathrow neighbours of the Planning Inquiry.


Letter sent to local residents:

The Owner and/or the Occupier

14 April 2015
Dear Sir/Madam


Enabling works to allow implementation of full runway alternation during
easterly operations at Heathrow Airport including the creation of a new ‘hold
area’ at the western end of the northern runway, the construction of new
access and exit taxiways, and the construction of a 5 metre high acoustic
noise barrier to the south of Longford Village.

Appeal Ref : 7364 Our Ref : 41573/APP/2013/1288

Appellant’s Name: Heathrow Airport Limited

I refer to my previous letter regarding the above appeal.

A Local Inquiry is to be held into the appeal at the Civic Centre, Uxbridge (Committee Room
6)on Tuesday 2nd June 2015 at 10:00 hrs for 12 day(s), by an inspector appointed by the
Department for Communites and Local Government (DCLG).

You may attend the Inquiry and, at the Inspector’s discretion, express views on the matter under appeal, either in person or by a representative on your behalf.

A copy of the appellant’s grounds of appeal and any other relevant documents are available for inspection by appointment at Planning, Environment and Community Services Reception, Level 3, Civic Centre, Uxbridge during normal hours.

Facilities are available for people with disabilities, e.g. parking spaces, access etc. Please ring the number below.

If you require further information regarding procedures, the Planning Inspectorate booklet ‘Guide to taking part in Planning Appeals’ is available free of charge from the Residents Services Reception or from
Yours faithfully
Stephen Volley
Appeals Officer

Residents Services
Tel 01895 250230
London Borough of Hillingdon
3 North, Civic Centre, High Street, Uxbridge UB8 1UW





Heathrow lodges appeal with Planning Inspectorate over protection of Cranford against take-offs

Heathrow has lodged an appeal with the Planning Inspectorate over the London Borough of Hillingdon’s refusal, in March, to grant permission for taxiway infrastructure. If the government inspector approves the appeal, it would allow Heathrow to alternate the use of both its runways, regardless of wind direction. At present, due to the “Cranford Agreement”, made in the 1950s, planes cannot take off from the northern runway, to the east, except in exceptional circumstances. When there are easterly winds, planes therefore have to land from the west, on the northern runway, but take off from the southern runway. Ending the Cranford Agreement would give Windsor residents more respite, with up to 50% cut in the number of planes currently landing from the west of Windsor. The Cranford Agreement was formally ended in 2010, but to operate on easterly operations, Heathrow says the taxiways are required. But ending the Cranford Agreement will mean more noise, on easterly operations, for those in Old Windsor, Horton and Wraysbury, while residents in Windsor would get a better deal. People can submit comments – by 19th November. Details below.

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