Protesters blast aircraft noise outside hotel of Conservative Party conference at 4.30am

Though not permitted into the Conservative Party conference, Plane Stupid campaigners have held a number of eye-catching (or ear blasting) protests outside. They played full volume sound of landing aircraft outside the Midland Hotel, where conference delegates were staying, at 4.30am – which is the time when the first flight arrives into Heathrow. The sound system was concealed in a wheelie bin. Plane Stupid campaigners wanted to give politicians a taste of daily life for those living under Heathrow’s (or other) flight paths. They also show that a decision for a 3rd runway will be met with fierce resistance to save the future of homes and communities in the Heathrow villages. As well as the 4.30am noise, protesters from Plane Stupid and the Heathrow villages paraded a giant model plane outside the conference, emblazoned with the words: “No third runway. No ifs, no buts” – a reminder of David Cameron’s pledge before the 2010 election. They also hung up a giant banner from a building opposite, saying “2015. No ifs, no buts. No new runways.”  To rub salt into the wounds for the Heathrow villages residents, Heathrow has also revealed new images of their dreamed of new NW runway, showing how it erases hundreds of homes and makes other communities too noisy and polluted to realistically be habitable.



Conservative MPs get early wake-up call from Heathrow Airport protesters

6.10.2015 (Get West London)


Plane Stupid campaigners blast recorded aircraft noise outside hotel where Conservative Party conference delegates are staying

Neil Keveren and the noise outside hotels
Plane Stupid protester – and resident of Harmondsworth – Neil Keveren with the sound system hidden in a wheelie bin

Heathrow 4.30am noise protest Tories

Tory MPs got a rude awakening when Heathrow protesters blasted recorded aircraft noise outside their hotel at 4.30am.

Campaigners from Plane Stupid, who oppose expansion at Heathrow, said they wanted to give politicians a taste of daily life for those living under the airport’s flight paths.

Neil Keveren, who lives near the airport, used a sound system hidden in a wheelie bin to disrupt the sleep of Conservative Party conference delegates staying at The Midland Hotel in Manchester.

Sandra Davis, who also lives close to Heathrow, said: “We want to send a clear message to Tory MPs, staying just over the road, that a decision before Christmas to give the green light to Heathrow’s third runway will be met with fierce resistance to save the future of our homes, communities and environment.

“The air my family are breathing is already over the legal pollution limit with two runways. A third runway would mean an extra 250,000 flights a year using Heathrow, only exacerbating lung and heart-related diseases linked to flights.”

The stunt on Tuesday morning (October 6) followed another anti-third runway demonstration on Monday (October 5) outside the hotel, where protesters unveiled a giant model plane emblazoned with the words: ‘No third runway, no ifs, no buts’ – a reminder of David Cameron’s pledge before the 2010 election.

PS plane at party conference

Heathrow protesters unveil a giant model plane in Manchester, where the Conservative Party conference is being held

No runway plane outside Conservative party conference

The Airports Commission earlier this year recommended a third runway at Heathrow, subject to a number of conditions, and the Government is expected to announce its plans for aviation expansion before Christmas.

Lord Andrew Adonis’s decision to resign the Labour whip and lead a National Infrastructure Commission set up by chancellor George Osborne will fuel speculation the Government intends to give Heathrow expansion the go-ahead.

Lord Adonis was transport secretary for the Labour government from 2009 to 2010 and is a prominent supporter of a third runway at Heathrow.

This week, Heathrow bosses revealed what a third runway at the west London airport could look like by publishing a series of new computer generated images of the proposed expansion.



Banner Drop

Plane Stupid also dropped a vast banner from a building across from the Conservative party conference.   Saying:   “No ifs, No buts, No new runways.”

6.10.2015PS banner drop at Conservative conference


Banner drop at Conservative conference no ifs no buts