“Hurdles” campaign shows the seven insurmountable hurdles faced by a Heathrow 3rd runway

The combined groups opposed to a 3rd Heathrow runway have started a “Seven Hurdles” campaign, setting out some of the key problem posed by a new runway. The hurdles that would have be overcome would be: security, homes, noise, air pollution, costs, carbon emissions, and opposition.  An Advan is touring parts of London that would be affected by a new runway, and will be in action for three days, stopping off at various key places.  It began its trip on Monday 22nd at Chiswick Town Hall, to a lively reception from the local group, CHATR (Chiswick Against the Third Runway), before heading west. On 23rd it will be in central and east London, and then outside the court in Willesden on 24th, for the sentencing of the Heathrow 13. The details of the seven hurdles are explained in short briefings.  They include the 725,000 people already affected by Heathrow plane noise; the increased risk of accident if there are another 50% more flights; the impossibility of the UK meeting its carbon targets if aviation is allowed further expansion; and the cost of at least £5 billion from the UK taxpayer to pay for surface access infrastructure.  Not to mention huge and passionate opposition by thousands.


7 hurdles for Heathrow

A great crowd turned out in Chiswick this morning for the launch of the ‘Hurdles’ Campaign. 

The snappy briefing sheets which accompany the campaign. They have been emailed to all MPs.

The “hurdles” include:

Noise: At least 725,000 people are already impacted by aircraft noise from Heathrow.

Air pollution: Air pollution levels around Heathrow already exceed the EU Legal limits.

Destruction of homes: 783 homes would need to be demolished to make way for a 3rd runway.

Opposition:  Millions of people are already firmly opposed to a 3rd runway at Heathrow.

Cost: The transport infrastructure required for a 3rd runway could cost the taxpayer over £5bn.

Security: A 3rd runway would increase the chance of a plane crashing on landing or departure by 60%.

Climate: A 3rd runway would make it realistically impossible for the UK to meet its climate targets.

The Advan was in Westminster on Tuesday 24th February, to coincide  with the press conference for the Heathrow 13, their relatives – and supportive MPs.

Heathrow 13 with the Advan 23.2.2016

The Advan:

7 hurdles


The Advan and the hurdles in Harmondsworth on 22nd February

Advan in Harmondsworth 22.2.2016