Birmingham airport getting some more long haul passengers, making use of its runway extension

Birmingham airport, in common with the majority of other UK airports, has been seeing high rates of growth over the past two years. The UK feels itself to be out of recession, flights are cheap and the price of oil (and jet fuel) is very low.  With that combination of circumstances, airports are emerging from the fall in numbers of both passengers and ATMs that started in 2007 and continued till 2010, with a slow recovery. Birmingham opened its runway extension in May 2014, with hopes of many more long haul flights, as the runway was now long enough for heavy aircraft.  Local campaigners say the growth in numbers reflects the aggressive marketing by Birmingham airport since then. The airport says it passed the 10 million passenger mark last year, and has now reached the 11 million mark.  (If the airports cannot increase their passenger throughput now, after a deep dip, before we get into another recession and the price of jet fuel rises again, when can they?)  Birmingham says over the past year their long-haul traffic increased by 26%, with particular growth to the Middle East (+34.1%), North America (+32.6%).  That was, of course, what they paid all that money for the runway extension for.  It can take flights that otherwise might have gone via Heathrow. Birmingham is keenly against a 3rd Heathrow runway, as it would be a bitter rival.


Birmingham Airport scales new heights after processing a record number of passengers

22nd August 2016  (The Business Desk)

By Duncan Tift – Deputy Editor

BIRMINGHAM Airport has recorded its busiest-ever 12-month period, processing more than 11 million passengers.

The landmark achievement comes just a year after the airport broke the 10 million passenger mark for the 12 months to August 2015.

The eleven-millionth passenger, James Sheffield, from Edgbaston, set the milestone when he checked in for his United Airlines flight to San Francisco (via Newark) on Friday (August 19).

Comparing the same period between 2014 and 2015, 10.2% more people have travelled through the airport, due to airlines increasing capacity and launching new services to and from Birmingham.

Friday also proved to be the single busiest day in the airport’s 77-year history, with 44,767 passengers processed – 14.1% up o the previous record set on August 13, 2015.

Paul Kehoe, CEO, Birmingham Airport said: said: “Reaching 10 million passengers last August was a big milestone in the airport’s history but reaching 11 million is an absolute game changer.

“It shows that demand for flying to and from the Midlands is rapidly rising and this is only expected to continue as national and international investment in the region continues and the Midlands Engine powers on.

“We have celebrated a huge amount of accomplishments recently, including welcoming 13 new airlines to the airport, creating an even stronger network of global routes. We now have over 440 direct or one-stop flights globally with 50 airlines and proudly handle the magnificent A380 and Dreamliner aircraft, daily.”

He said the clock was now being re-set with the intention of hitting the 12 million passenger mark at some point next year.

Over the last 12 months, long-haul traffic at the airport has increased by 26%, with particular growth seen on services to the Middle East (+34.1%), North America (+32.6%) and Europe (+10.8%).

Low cost flights increased by 11.5%, scheduled services overall grew by 6.9% and charter by 2.4%.

Monthly passenger records at the airport have been broken consecutively for the last 17 months.

James Sheffield, from Edgbaston, is awarded a bottle of champagne from the airport’s head of communications, Justine Howl in recognition of being the 11 millionth passengerMr Sheffield, who was jetting off to visit friends on the West Coast for a week-long holiday, received a special celebratory meal and a magnum of champagne in recognition of the landmark.

He said: “Now that was a check-in with a difference! I wondered what was happening when I arrived at the desk and airport officials approached me, but what a fantastic surprise. It’s kicked off my holiday brilliantly and I look forward to enjoying my huge bottle of champagne with friends when I return.”


CAA airport statistics

Terminal Passengers at Birmingham:

2015     10,180,000  (up 5% on 2014)
2014      9,698
2013      9,114
2012      8,916,209  (up + 3.6% on 2011)
2011      8,608 (no change on 2010)
2010      8,564,000 (down -6% on 2009)   link to 2010 data
2009      9,093,735 (down – 5% on 2008)
2008      9,577 (up 5% on 2007)
2007      9,134
2006      9,056,000
2005      9,311
2000      7,492
1996      5,351

Air Transport Movements at Birmingham

2015      89,837 (up 0.9% on 2014)
2014      89,056
2013      84,851
2012      84,062 (up + 0.3% on 2011)
2011      83,826  ( down – 1% on 2010)
2010      85,000 (down -10% on 2009)
2009      93,965 (down – 8.6% compared to 2008)
2008      103,000 (down -2% on 2007)
2007      104
2006      109
2005      113,000
1996       97


Air Freight – not doing well at all

2015    7,164 (up 40% on 2014)
2014    5,119 (sic)
2013    21,067
2012    19,088 (up + 15% on 2011)
2011    16,626 (down – 23% on 2010)
2010    21,605 (up +65% on 2009)
2009    30,070 (up + 7% on 2008)
2008    12,192 (Down 10% on 2007)
2007    13,585 2006 14,681
2005    12,939
2000    9,410
1996    19,420
1995     21,103