Beaconsfield MP Dominic Grieve says constituents should respond to NPS consultation, as parts of borough negatively impacted

Beaconsfield MP Dominic Grieve has written in the local Bucks paper to advise his constituents of respond to the DfT consultation on the Heathrow NPS.  He says that because of the proximity of the airport, communities in the constituency will be directly affected by the proposals.  He toes the government line about the runway being [allegedly] good for the UK economy and the Buckinghamshire economy, with more local jobs.  But communities like the Richings Park area around Iver will face direct, adverse environmental impact from noise. Burnham has also been pinpointed as an area likely to have increased aircraft noise. He also mentions concerns about air pollution because limits “have been exceeded at the current levels of activity, prior to the expansion which is proposed.”  There is a DfT public consultation event on Saturday, March 11th in Gerrards Cross. Dominic Grieve says residents will be able to go through the consultation documents (not that easy a job) and make their own minds up. Deadline for responses is 25th May 2017.  In October 2016 he said there were problems with vehicle movements, and air pollution, and quality of life of residents is being adversely affected in an unacceptable fashion. He said “the government and developers must demonstrate that they can address these issues fully.”




The main DfT consultation on the draft Airports National Policy Statement (for a 3rd Heathrow runway) is at

and the supporting documents etc are at


Dominic Grieve: Have your say on harmful proposals for Heathrow

Bucks Free Press
Beaconsfield MP Dominic Grieve writes exclusively to Bucks Free Press readers:

Heathrow Airport borders onto the Beaconsfield constituency. In fact, it is within walking distance, although the number of travellers making their way there on foot must be a very tiny number out of the tens of thousands who arrive by road, rail or air.

The proximity of the airport means that communities in my constituency will be directly affected by the proposals for expansion.

When the government announced, last October, that the third runway at Heathrow was the preferred option, I said at the time that there would be mixed feelings about this.

It has the potential to bring increased prosperity to Buckinghamshire’s economy, as well as that of the United Kingdom.

The Secretary of State for Transport said that there could be tens of thousands of additional local jobs, of which South Buckinghamshire would have its share.

Increasing capacity and choice for passengers and for shipping freight could bear dividends and make more companies decide to make their headquarters in the area.

But, in my constituency, communities like the Richings Park area around Iver will face direct, adverse environmental impact.

Burnham has also been pinpointed on maps of areas where there could be increased aircraft noise. I have concerns about pollution limits because these have been exceeded at the current levels of activity, prior to the expansion which is proposed.

On February 2, the government announced a 16-week public consultation, which runs until May 25. One of the public events, open to people from across the South Buckinghamshire area, will be held on Saturday, March 11 at the Colston Hall, in Gerrards Cross.

Call 0800 689 4968 for details.

The Heathrow Airport consultation gives the opportunity to residents to make their views known on all the implications of this plan.

Those who want to go through the consultation documents and weigh up the arguments for themselves can do so by visiting the consultations page at

I’m sure that many local people want to go through the consultation documents – which can be found via the consultations page on – can weigh up the arguments for themselves and to contribute to the debate.


On 25th October 2016, when the government announced it backed the north west runway option at Heathrow, Dominic Grieve said:


“Beaconsfield MP Dominic Grieve’s reaction is mixed”

He said: “The announcement that the Government intends to support a third runway at Heathrow, will be met with very mixed feelings in the Beaconsfield Constituency.

“Many will welcome the economic advantages which it can bring. But it also has the capacity to create a profound adverse environmental impact on parts of my constituency and in particular in the Iver and Richings Park area.

“This is already under great strain from pollution and excessive vehicle movements linked to poorly or unplanned developments over past decades.

The lack of adequate infrastructure and planning strategy has created conditions in which the quality of life of residents is being adversely affected in an unacceptable fashion.

“If the Heathrow Third Runway goes ahead it can only be on the basis that the government can meet the pollution limits in the area, which are currently being exceeded.

“No scheme will be acceptable that does not include the proper infrastructure investment that is required to reconcile growing economic activity with the needs of local residents.

“I will do what I can to support the local community on these issues.

“My attitude to the proposal will entirely depend on whether or not the government and the developers can demonstrate that they can address these issues fully.”


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DfT hold 20 consultation events in areas near Heathrow, plus 13 around the UK promoting Heathrow 3rd runway

The DfT is holding a large number of consultation events in the coming two months, both in areas affected by Heathrow, and after that, across the UK. The first event locally was on 13th February and the final one is 20th April in London. The DfT backs the runway, and so the information given out is very much in support of the runway. The DfT has sent out 1.5 million leaflets about the consultations, with simplified text backing the runway (and ignoring any negative impacts) – which look like Heathrow’s own PR about their expansion plans. The events locally are from 11am to 8pm on weekdays (10 – 5pm on Saturdays). People have to register to attend events outside London. Due to the very short notice between the announcement of the NPS consultation (2nd February) and the first event on 13th February, it is difficult for local campaigners against the runway to attend all of them. The DfT has paid staff to man them all. People are encouraged to attend the events, and ask the DfT staff questions. Some suggested questions are shown below. People are also advised not to make their responses in the consultation events, but do them in a considered manner, from home, when they have had time to assess all the information, both for and against the 3rd runway.

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