Around 42% of London MPs (since the election) oppose a 3rd Heathrow runway

List from John Stewart, Chair of Hacan, (the main residents’ group working on Heathrow noise issues) of the MPs known to be, or believed to be, opposed to a 3rd Heathrow runway. So far they number 31 MPs out of the total of 73, and more details may be added when the information is known.  In the 2005 election, the Conservatives had 306 seats. In the 2010 election they had 330 seats.  Now in the 2017 election, the Conservatives have 318 seats.  The party wants to get the 3rd Heathrow runway built. The Conservatives may form an alliance with the Irish DUP, which has 10 MPs and is a firm backer of the 3rd runway.  That alliance would take the Tories to 328 MPs, which is 3 above the key number of half the MPs in the Commons (650).  The hung parliament will make it harder for the government to force through highly contentious, and widely unpopular polices like the runway.