Estimates of some of the Covid job losses in the aerospace and airline sector

Some numbers of the job losses by airports, airlines and plane manufacturers, caused by the Covid pandemic.  These numbers are often estimates and will need to be updated, depending on how long Covid travel restrictions continue, and how much financial help the sector gets from government, or what loans it can obtain.


Biggest jobs cuts in the UK aerospace and aviation industry

Airbus – 1,700 jobs
Airbus is to cut 15,000 jobs globally as the plane-maker slashes staff numbers to match the collapse in demand for new aircraft. Of these jobs, some 1,700 will go in the UK.

Boeing – 26,000 jobs (globally)
UK engineering giant Boeing, heavily disrupted by the devastation wrought across the aviation sector, announced plans to make 7,000 more job cuts after counting a $3.5bn (£2.7bn) loss for the three months to the end of September.

British Airways – up to 12,000
British Airways is to shed as many as 12,000 jobs after plunging to its worst ever quarterly loss and admitting air travel will take years to recover from a global collapse.

Irish airline Aer Lingus, hich is also part of IAG, along with BA and Iberia, has been forced to cut 900 jobs.

EasyJet – 1,900 jobs
EasyJet is axing 1,900 jobs in the UK, including 727 pilots and 1,200 cabin staff. The FTSE 250 company is pushing the cuts through as part of plans to lay off nearly one in three of its 15,000 workers.

Ryanair – 3,000 jobs
Ryanair has also warned it may cut 3,000 jobs as it wrestles with the devastating impact of coronavirus, however most of these will be in Ireland.

Emirates – unknown
A leaked email seen by The Telegraph showed bosses at Emirates told their 600-strong British staff that it had to “consider reducing the size of the UK workforce”.

Gatwick – 600 jobs
Gatwick airport is to cut up to 600 jobs in response to the “devastating impact” of Covid-19. The redundancies, which represent almost a quarter of the airport’s workforce, come as passenger numbers fell 80pc in August.

Heathrow Airport – up to 25,000 jobs
Heathrow Airport chief John Holland-Kaye said that a third of the 76,000 people employed at the airport could be made redundant as it battles to stem losses following a huge collapse in air travel.

Manchester Airports Group – 900 jobs  (Stansted, Manchester, East Midlands airports)
Britain’s biggest airport owner, Manchester Airports Group, has warned its staff of plans to axe nearly 900 jobs due to the pandemic.

Norwegian Air – 1,100 jobs
In January 2021 Norwegian Air slashed 1,100 jobs at its Gatwick Airport base as it abandoned long-haul flights. Inste ad the airline – Gatwick’s third largest – will focus on short-haul European flights as thepandemic curbed its ambitions to expand in a bid to survive.

Virgin Atlantic – 4,150 jobs
Virgin Atlantic plans to cut another 1,000 jobs on top of the more than 3,150 jobs it announced four months earlier. The airline has been fighting to secure its future since the Covid-19 pandemic brought scheduled passenger services to a standstill. Ministers snubbed a request for a £500m state loan in April.

from  the Telegraph

Luton airport – perhaps 250 jobs?   See link

Birmingham airport – at least 250 jobs?  See link 

Edinburgh airport – at least 250 jobs?   See link

Loganair – perhaps 165 jobs at Scottish airports.  See link

and probably other job losses at the UK’s smaller airports.