Portuguese aviation regulator ‘completely rejects’ Lisbon Montijo airport plan: is this the end of a rotten plan?

Aviation regulator ANAC has announced its ‘complete rejection’ of the request for prior viability assessment to build ‘the future Montijo airport’, south of Lisbon.

This has been a project vociferously decried by environmentalists, engineers, civic groups and town councils for being ‘the worst possible plan’ for a litany of reasons.

But it was the opposition of Moita and Seixal town councils that swung the day

ANAC concedes it had “no choice”.

Say reports, the request by ANA, the company that runs Portugal’s airports, failed due to lack of ‘fundamental elements, namely the favourable opinions of all municipal councils potentially affected by the airport’

As such, under the terms of the law there is no legal foundation for the plan to be granted.

This conundrum was flagged last year (click here) – and the PS Socialist government set about trying to either ‘change municipalities minds’, or change the law. It failed.

Says ANAC, as the regulatory authority it is thus “obliged to reject the request outright, in compliance with the principle of legality and the mandatory command of the legislator contained in the aforementioned legal disposition, meaning there is no room for technical appraisal of the merit of the project”.

This is ‘breaking news’ on Tuesday lunchtime, thus ‘reactions’ from all those who have railed against this hugely bombastic plan for so many years has yet to come.




There is already a small airport at Montijo, just south east of Lisbon. See link 

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Plans for new Lisbon airport opposed by local authorities, and the Dutch (for harm to national bird, the godwit)

There are plans to construct a new airport for Lisbon (Portugal) as the existing airport – Humberto Delgado Airport – is considered by the authorities to be full. Plans have been considered for many years, but a new airport at existing Montijo military air base, near Lisbon, got approval on 8th January 2019 when the government signed an agreement with ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal (the country’s airports manager). The Montijos site is on the  Tagus estuary, a nature reserve where the godwits, a threatened species, stop off on their way from Africa to the Netherlands. There is now considerable opposition from the Netherlands, where the godwit is seen as the national bird. The planned airport would devastate the areas where godwits feed, and many birds would be culled if the airport was built, for air passenger safety. There is now political controversy about the airport, as in Portuguese law, if local councils oppose a development, it is not permitted. The government wants to over-rule this ability, as various councils led by various political parties are blocking government plans. Due to costs, TAP Air Portugal, has firmly stated it would not move to the new airport. 


Aeroporto do Montijo Cai Por Terra. Próxima Paragem: Uma Redução Justa e Rápida da Aviação