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Stansted Airport Watch (SAW) – the local community group    

The group used to be called Stop Stansted Expansion, until 2021

The website contains a huge amount of information about the airport, and the campaign against increase in noise another nuisance, as well as opposition to building of another runway


Stansted Airport sold for £1.5bn to Manchester Airports Group on 28th Feb 2013     Details 


Stansted airport locator map. Passengers: 17.8m; Employees: 10,200; 150 destinations; one runway

Stansted is now the UK’s 4th busiest, after Manchester (it used to be 3rd).  It is the UK base of Ryanair. It has been losing passengers for the past 4 years.

An earlier proposed plan to expand Stansted



Plan for Stansted second  runway  – ABANDONED BY BAA  in May 2010

Plans for the second runway are opposed by the new Conservative – Lib Dem coalition.   On 24th May 2010 BAA announced that it is dropping its plans for a 2nd runway.     Details …..

The  application was submitted by BAA, in March, to build a second runway at Stansted,
doubling the size of the airport.   If approved, the plans would see the new runway and the new terminal built by 2015, and serving 68 million passengers a year by 2030.   The Stop Stansted Expansion (SSE)  described the application as “going beyond environmental vandalism and being tantamount to a declaration of war on the local community and global environment”.    (11.3.2008)     More ….. 


Stansted Airport 2nd runway application  

– deadline for comment was 26th September 2008

While the application was extremely voluminous, the bottom line was that BAA’s
2nd runway plans would have meant:
 A 2-runway airport capable of handling c500,000 flights a year (compared with the present 200,000 or less) and 68 million passengers per year (compared with the present 23 million) by 2030 – more than Heathrow.
 This would require significant land take and heritage loss including  destruction of nearly 800 hectares of countryside, and  demolition of 73 homes plus 14 non-residential buildings – including 35 historic buildings.   Two scheduled ancient monuments are also threatened.
 There would be some 86 aircraft movements each hour, with about 43 flights  either
landing or taking off on each runway.
 There would be a 2nd passenger terminal and control tower, an initial batch of
four new hotels   (2,800 rooms), airport related buildings and additional car parks
(including multi-storey parking) to bring airport parking provision to around
85,000 spaces – twice the number of car parking spaces at Heathrow.                                                     More guidance on how to respond  
SSE Guidance 


 Back in October 2008, the airport was given the go ahead for expansion of up to 35 million passengers per year.

Stansted airport expansion to go ahead – up to 35 million passengers per year
(9th October 2008)

“PREDICTABLE, CYNICAL AND UNJUSTIFIED” – says SSE in response to Government’s
approval for an extra 10 million passengers a year at Stansted

Stansted, Britain’s biggest budget airline hub, received the go-ahead to handle
10 million more passengers – which  means around 120 more daily flights, on its
existing runway.   Stop Stansted Expansion described the decision by the Government
to approve an increase in Stansted’s permitted passenger throughput from 25 million
passengers per annum to 35mppa as entirely predictable, cynical and unjustified.
However, the campaign group is warning BAA and Ferrovial not to assume the matter
is settled since initial readings of the Inspector’s report and Government decision
letter indicate that there may well be scope for legal challenge.  
BAA  was warned by Ryanair and easyJet that it faces fewer flights if it hikes fees to pay for the expansion. The  Conservatives backed the expansion but would oppose a 2nd runway.                              9.10.2008    More …..



Some general information about Stansted airport.

Airport Owner:  [Was BAA (Ferrovial)  until February 2013]

Then  Manchester Airports Group (MAG) bought for £1.5 billion

Airport Operator :   MAG after Feb 2013
 Airlines using Stansted:  Many including Ryanair (70% in 2012) and easyJet
 Future plans:  Application for second runway March 2008  – and permission given October 2008 for 35 million passengers per year on the existing runway (up from the existing limit of 25 million). In practice the number of passengers has fallen continuously for the past two years, and the existing runway is very much below capacity.
Airport website
 Airport contact details:    Stansted Airport, Enterprise House, Bassingbourne Road, Essex CM24 1QW
 Stansted Airport general enquiries   Tel:   0870 000 0303
How to complain about noise, or aviation fuel smell, or oily droplets:
Night  Flights: 
Night flying restrictions are reviewed for Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted every five to six years and the current rules which limit Stansted to 12,000 night flights a year (on average 33 per night) come to an end in October 2005.  The Government wants to hear from the aviation industry and local communities to help it decide on the rules that should apply in future. The second stage of the Consultation closed on 16 September 2005.

The Department for Transport proposes to allow a 40% increase in the number of night flights at Stansted by 2011/12. However, if the Government were to adopt instead the current World Health Organisation Guidelines for aircraft night noise, night flights would be very severely curtailed.

Information on night flights on the Stop Stansted Expansion website at


Stansted Airport. Flights and CO2 emissions. 

Analysis of flights, routes, and top 10 destinations from Stansted Airport in 2011.                    Also carbon emissions.And passenger growth and numbers over the past 15 years.


CAA airport statistics

Terminal Passengers

2015    22,513,000 (up 13% on 2014)
2014    19,958,000
2013    17,844,355   (up + 2.2% on  2012)
2012    17,464,792  (down – 3.2% on 2011)
2011    18,042,400  (down – 2.8 % on 2010))
2010    18,562  (down – 7% on 2009)     link to 2010 data
2009   19,951.7  (down -10.7% on 2008)
2008    22,340   (down -6% on 2007)
2007    23,759  (no increase)
2006    23,680
2005    21,992
2000    11,858
1996     4,808

Air Transport Movements

2015    154,478 (up 8% on 2014)
2014    143,101
2013    132,234  (up + 0.6%  on 2012)
2012    131,297  (down – 4.1% on 2011)
2011    136,899  (down – 7% on 2010)
2010    143,000 (down – 8% on 2009)  link to 2010 data
2009   156,000  (down -11.8% on 2008)
2008   177,000  (down -7% on 2007)
2007   192,000  (little change)
2006   190
2005   178
2000   144
1996     75,000

Air Freight 

2015    207,996 (Up 2% on 2014)
2014    204,725
2013    211,738   (down – 1.4% on 2012)
2012    214,160   (up + 6% on 2011)
2011    202,593  (no change from 2010)
2010    202,238 (up +11% on 2009)    link to 2010 data
2009   183,608  (down -8% on 2008)
2008   197,738  (down -3% on 2007)
2007    203,747  (down -9% on 2006)
2006    224,312
2005    237,045
2000   166,064
1996   103,341

Proportion of domestic passengers, out of total passengers

CAA  statistics, annual figures   – comparing Tables 9 and 10.2

2006       11.3%
2007       10.7%
2008       10.5%

Business Aviation:   Number of business flights (= private jets)

CAA  statistics, annual figures – Table 3.1

2007            7,269     (+ 1,994 air taxis)
2008            7,060   ( +  1,712 air taxis)



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