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Some Bristol airport news:

Still unknown if Bristol airport will appeal against expansion refusal – they have to decide by 19th September

Bristol Airport has not yet decided whether to appeal against a decision to refuse its expansion plans. North Somerset Planning and Regulatory committee councillors went against the council officers’ recommendation earlier this year, to reject the expansion plans which would have allowed the airport to increase its current capacity from 10 million to 12 million passengers per year. The councillors ruled that environmental and societal impacts outweighed the economic benefits of the expansion. The airport has 6 months in which to appeal, and that time ends of 19th September 2020. A spokesman for the airport said a decision on whether to lodge an appeal had yet to be made and was still under review. The decline in air travel demand will be a factor in the decision. The costs of a public inquiry could run into tens of thousands of pounds for North Somerset Council. It has confirmed it will defend any appeal but said it was unable to comment on any potential costs. It would be for the Planning Inspector who is overseeing the case to decide what costs and conditions to impose on North Somerset Council, if it loses.

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Bath and North East Somerset Council rejects Bristol Airport application to increase night flights in summer months

Bath and North East Somerset Council has rejected an application by Bristol Airport to increase the number of night flights. The airport wants to increase the number of night flights to 4,000 throughout the whole year, starting in summer 2021. Currently the airport is allowed 3,000 night flights throughout the summer months and 1,000 in winter. The airport wants to be able to move some of their winter allocation to the summer, when demand is higher. Bath and North East Somerset Council rejected the application – stating it would have a negative impact on people living in towns near the airport. The request for more flights comes after the council opposed the expansion of Bristol Airport in March 2019. Then in March 2020 North Somerset Council threw out the plans, (which included increasing passenger numbers by an extra two million each year and building more car parks) on the grounds they were “incompatible” with the council’s declaration of a climate emergency.  The extra night flights would cause noise nuisance to people in both councils.

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Bristol Airport expansion plans rejected by North Somerset council by 18-7

North Somerset Council’s Planning & Regulatory Committee has gone against the advice of their own planning officers and have refused permission for Bristol Airport to expand. It has been a “David versus Goliath” battle of local campaigners against the airport, (owned by the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan). The airport wanted to expand from 10 million to 12 million passengers per year, with large carpark and other building. The opposition to the plans was huge, on ground of carbon emissions, as well as noise and general local damage. There were almost 9,000 objections sent in by members of the public, against 2,400 in favour.  Councillors voted 18-7 against the plans, with one abstention. Councillors were persuaded that paltry economic benefits to the airport and airlines were far outweighed by the environmental harm. There would be large land take for the parking, and the extra carbon emissions would make targets of carbon neutrality for the area unachievable. Because the councillors went against the officers’ recommendations, the decision will return to the same committee to be ratified. If the decision is ratified, the applicant has six months to lodge an appeal, which would be heard at a public inquiry.

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Plans to expand Bristol Airport accused of being flawed; decision put off till early 2020

A decision on Bristol Airport’s major expansion bid will not be made this year. They submitted proposals to boost passenger numbers from 10 million to 12 million a year by the mid-2020s, and to expand the airport’s on-site infrastructure.  A decision had been due over the summer but people are continuing to comment – there are currently about 3,780 objections and 1,800 letters of support.  Reasons for opposing the expansion include climate change, traffic levels, air pollution and noise.  When they declared a “climate emergency”, Bath and North East Somerset Council members also voted to oppose the airport’s expansion, amid concerns about increased congestion on rural roads in their area. There is also doubt about alleged economic benefit.  The airport and its supporters always talk up the possibility of more jobs, and improved “access international export markets.” In reality, the majority of air passengers are on leisure journeys.  The application will be considered by North Somerset Council’s planning and regulatory committee meeting in 2020, with possible dates the 22 January, 19 February and 18 March.

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GPs willing to be arrested in protests over Bristol Airport expansion

A Bristol doctor who is a member of Extinction Rebellion has hit out at the airport plans

6 NOV 2019

Almost 100 doctors are campaigning against the proposed expansion of Bristol Airport – and some of them are willing to be arrested for the cause. Dr Grace Thompson, an out-of-hours GP at Kingswood’s Cossham Hospital, is among 92 local doctors backing a petition against the expansion. More than 100 healthcare workers have signed it in total. Dr Thompson, a mum-of-three and member of environmental protest group Extinction Rebellion, believes the scheme would cause dangerous air pollution levels for residents and unborn children. The plans would see the airport able to handle 12 million passengers a year, up from its capacity of 10 million. The doctors are ‘willing to be arrested’ in upcoming protests. One doctor said: “The right to protest and potentially get arrested is something we are in talks about with the General Medical Council.’  There was a recent report on Bristol air pollution by King’s College London, which said a higher air pollution day in Bristol is responsible for 4 extra cardiac arrests, and 18 extra people being hospitalised for asthma or strokes.


Bristol Airport expansion cycle protesters halt A38 traffic near airport entrance

The new local group, opposed to expansion of Bristol Airport, partly on grounds of carbon emissions but also due to noise and other local impacts, has held a protest cycle ride.  The group of about 70 cyclists met up close to the airport and then cycled in convoy along the busy A38. They temporarily brought roads around the airport to a halt in a protest against expansion plans, by riding in convoy to the airport and then repeatedly cycled around a roundabout close to the entrance. The lunchtime protest caused queues of between two and three miles in both directions.  Unbelievably, the airport tries to claim its expansion to 12 million annual passengers by the mid 2020 will cut CO2 – as slightly fewer people would drive to London airports, if they fly from Bristol. They would in fact just fly more.  The group support taking the “flight free  pledge” not to fly in 2020, as a way to get people to think more carefully about travel and their lifestyle choices.  The airport has submitted plans for the expansion and North Somerset Council is expected to decide on the expansion later this year.

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Crowdfunding appeal: Bristol Airport is Big Enough – Help Stop Further Expansion

Bristol Airport plans to significantly increase its passenger numbers, to grow eventually to 20 million passengers per year from a current level of 8.6 million.  A group of environmental campaigners and local residents are raising money – through crowdfunding – to fund an important legal challenge to the airport’s planning application, that is being dealt with by North Somerset Council.  The group hopes to employ a well respected barrister, Estelle Dehon, who is expert in environment and planning law (with particular expertise in climate change matters). She would be able to legally analyse the 400 plus planning documents on the application, on the Council’s planning website, and offer campaigners and the committee expert evidence for refusal. Estelle has previously worked on the Plan B fight against Heathrow’s third runway.  The coming decade is absolutely critical in averting the climate crisis that is upon us. Yet, that same decade is to be used by Bristol Airport to increase the carbon emissions of flights using the airport, by over 500,000 tonnes per year.  In addition to the carbon issue, many people in Bristol would be exposed to a range of air pollution substances, including NO2 and black carbon – as well as increased noise nuisance.

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Bristol airport hope to expand from 8 to 12 million annual passengers; 73% rise in CO2 emissions

Bristol Airport is hoping to expand. There is a consultation that started on 19th December, and ends on 26th January, on their plans. Details can be found here.  The headline application issue is a 50% growth in passengers – from the current 8.2 million per year, to 12 million by the mid 2020’s. Carbon emissions from flights are estimated to rise by 73% from 746 ktCO2 in 2017 to 1,290 ktCO2 with 12 million passengers. The increase in passengers will be achieved by de-restricting night flights up to 4,000 per year, expanding car parks, changing road lay outs, and building a multi-storey car park (persuasively capped with some wind turbines). There are further plans to raise passenger numbers to 20 million by 2040. There is a lot of local opposition, focused on issues such as congested roads, ‘parking blights’ (cars parked in lanes etc), other local environmental impacts, noise pollution – through the night and day. There are some minimal hyper-localised ‘Noise Insulation Grants’ (up to £5000 for glazing). The airport plans to get more income in from cafes, shops and car parking, to boost profits. Bristol Airport is entirely owned by Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan – it is not British owned at all.

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Bristol Airport wants to introduce a free drop-off zone – but only if allowed to expand to over 10million annual passengers

Bristol Airport wants to bring back a free drop-off zone and create a new waiting area for taxis. The airport has not had a free drop-off zone since it removed its 10-minute ‘free’ period in May 2011. People now pay £1 for up to 20 minutes. The airport has now announced plans to introduce a free drop-off zone – but only if it gets planning consent from North Somerset Council to expand. People living near the airport complain about cars clogging up local areas, with drivers parking in lay-bys and residential roads to avoid paying to park at the airport. The airport’s expansion plans, with hopes of expanding from the current 8 million annual passengers up to 12 million, (its current cap is 10 million) would include a new authorised waiting area for taxis and a free drop-off area for other vehicles. It is not yet known how much time drivers will get for free. The plan is included in the airport’s proposals for the Section 106 Agreement, so is dependent on the plans being approved. The airport hopes to reduce opposition to its plans, by this small gesture towards helping with the local parking issue. And to please future air passengers.

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Bristol airport hoping for expansion of long haul routes, to divert people in the south west from using London airports

Bristol Airport is planning a major expansion which could see it provide more long-haul routes for passengers from 2018, which it desperately wants.  Bristol has had some direct holiday flights this year to Florida and Mexico, and may get some to the Dominican Republic in 2018. The airport’s runway is certified for code E aircraft, which allows for trips to North America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and parts of the Far East. Daily departures to New York operated in the past, before being scrapped in 2010 due to the retrenchment of the airline market – but the airport hopes this could happen again. Major investment in the South West, including the development of Hinkley Point C in Somerset, is expected to further boost demand for business travel to and from the region. There have been recent initiatives to promote inbound tourism, eg. with VisitBritain, that just might bring in more overseas visitors. The airport is asking the public for their views on  3 separate scenarios which include the possibility of a new terminal, more car parks, more hotels and an ‘employment’ zone for businesses. Bristol hopes (unrealistically?) that their passenger numbers will increase by 10% every year. They want to provide flights that get residents in the south-west to use Bristol, rather than airports in the south-east (Heathrow and Gatwick), hence perhaps cutting some of the demand for Heathrow.

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Government decides not to devolve APD to Wales

The UK government has confirmed that there would be no devolution of APD to Wales. APD has been fully devolved to Scotland, and SNP has the intention of halving it and eventually scrapping it. Some in the Welsh Assembly wanted devolution of APD to Wales, so it could be cut – in the vain hope that would boost the profitability of struggling Cardiff airport. Airports in England, and Bristol in particular, were deeply opposed to APD in Wales being cut, in case that encouraged people to use Cardiff airport rather than Bristol. The local Bristol MP said that would cause unfair competition between airports. The impact of abolishing APD would only be at most £13 per return flight for anywhere in Europe, (£26 for a return flight within the UK) – with no difference for a child under 16, so hardly worth the trip all way over to Cardiff. In a Commons debate on the Wales Bill, parliamentary under secretary of state for Wales, Conservative MP Guto Bebb, said: “Air Passenger Duty has been raised during the debate, and the fact that we are not proposing to devolve it has been criticised, although I think that that is right and proper.” The loss of income from the removal of APD would in all likelihood be larger than any benefit from more inbound tourism etc, causing a net loss to the Welsh economy.

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Green field gravelled over – during the night – to become illegal Bristol Airport car park. Not an isolated incident

An illegal Bristol Airport car park has appeared after green fields were gravelled over during one night. Neighbours living close to the airport say just months after two unauthorised car parks were closed down, another has been created in what was a picturesque field. North Somerset Council confirmed the former field, which had around 100 holidaymakers cars parked on over the weekend, did not have permission and they are investigating. The access to the field, near the busy A38 may not be designed for this volume of vehicles. It appears that car parking businesses “hop from one location to another without any regard for planning laws or the health and safety of others.” A resident said: “The residents living nearby now have the view of a car park and comings and goings all night, in what was a field.” The Council said: “”People need planning permission to build car parks. However in green belt locations, such as this, the parking of cars would normally be inappropriate development.”We can take enforcement action by serving an enforcement notice requiring the inappropriate use to cease. Failure to comply is a criminal offence for which the council could start legal proceedings.” The Council shut down two unauthorised car parks in the area in January 2016, and they closed over 40 unauthorised airport car parks near Bristol airport in the past four years. Gatwick has similar problems.

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Work on terminal extension at Bristol airport, to increase passenger numbers, to start in September

Bristol airport has announced its plans to increase the size of its terminal building. The airport was granted permission for its £120 million expansion plans more than 3 years ago in the face of fierce opposition from some local residents. The scheme has been put largely on hold as a result of the recession. Parts of the work have been carried out and now the airport is planning to extend its terminal building. The work will start in early September, and they hope it will be completed by summer 2015. Other improvements will eventually include a new hotel and a new public transport interchange. The airport deals with around 6 million passengers per year and the aim is to increase the total to 10 million. The airport now has as many passengers as before the recession. A new £6.5 million central walkway which is designed to ease congestion at peak travel times has just been completed. Bristol airport hopes to get the new generation of jets flying direct to long-haul destinations in Latin America and the Far East.

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Bristol Airport avoids millions in tax

October 27 2013    Bristol Airport avoided up to £2.6 million in tax in 2012 and has potentially avoided £6.7 million since using a legal tax avoidance scheme, an investigation by Corporate Watch and the Independent has revealed.    The airport cuts their UK taxable income by racking up interest on debt from its owners via the Channel Island Stock Exchange, then sends the interest out of the UK tax-free.    Bristol Airport is 50 per cent owned by Macquarie European Infrastructure Fund, 49 per cent by Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and one per cent by Sydney Airport.  An airport spokesman told the Independent that it “fully complies with UK regulatory, tax and legal requirements”.  link 

Bristol Airport flies more Welsh passengers than Cardiff

February 16, 2013      Provisional figures for 2012 indicate that more passengers from Wales use Bristol Airport than Cardiff. Over 1 million passengers used Cardiff in 2012, down about 200,000 in a year, with nearly 6 million at Bristol. The statistics suggest the scale of the task facing the Welsh government in improving Cardiff Airport’s fortunes as ministers finalise a deal to buy it. It is estimated that it amounts to the equivalent of about 1.1m passengers over a year flying from Bristol, having come from or going to places in Wales. The Welsh government is expected to take over Cardiff Airport over the next few months after a slump in passenger numbers from a peak of 2m in 2007. It is negotiating a price with Spanish owners Abertis and carrying out various checks and balances on the airport’s finances. The Mayor of Bristol says both airports have their problems, and it would be better if they could work together.    Click here to view full story…


Justine Greening opens new aircraft stands at Bristol, and backs importance of regional airports to UK

June 23, 2012    Justine Greening officially opened 3 new aircraft stands at Bristol Airport, and said regional airports like Bristol are important for the UK’s economy and business success. The stands – to allow more aircraft – are the first of more than 30 projects worth around £150m which will enable Bristol airport to grow over the next decade. Bristol handled 5.8 million passengers in 2011 but hope for 10 million in due course. Justine Greening said the importance of airports such as Bristol would be underlined in the Government’s new aviation strategy. She also said electrification of the Bristol-London rail line would benefit the airport as it could bring inward investment to the city. Bristol wants some 5 million passengers who go to London airports to instead use Bristol.    Click here to view full story…



High Court rejects Bristol Airport judicial review

27th October 2011    Campaign group Stop Bristol Airport Expansion have been refused permission for a judicial review against North Somerset Council’s approval of the airport’s plan. Mr Justice Collins, at London’s High Court, said the decision adhered to Government aviation policy (the out of date ATWP 2003) and even if that policy was flawed, legally it should stand. They had argued that climate change was a local, national & international issue, and thus relevant to airport expansion.     Click here to view full story…

Bill Bryson presents Bristol anti-airport expansion campaigners with award

14th July 2011    SBAE has received national recognition for its work opposing the proposed plans to increase airport traffic at Bristol Airport from 6 m passengers to 10 m passengers by 2019. The group’s campaigning achievements were acknowledged by CPRE President Bill Bryson who presented them the Marsh Award for the Benefit of Rural England + £450.  Bill said: “These extraordinary people finish their working week only to sit down and do another week’s worth in their spare time.”   Click here to view full story…

easyJet increases capacity on Bristol routes  (taking more tourists out of the south west)

 7.7.2011 (EasyJet)  easyJet, the largest operator at Bristol Airport, has announced it is to increase the frequency on 15 of its Bristol routes providing an extra 10,000 seats for South West passengers this summer. These are on popular summer holiday routes including Dalaman, Faro, Ibiza and Split until the end of September.  All holiday stuff (helping to take tourists and their money out of the south west).

Fight against Bristol airport’s expansion plans is far from over

26th April 2011      Stop Bristol Airport Expansion say the fight against  the airport’s expansion plans is far from over.  They made the announcement as they are submitting a request for a Judicial Review to take their case to the high courts.  Their lawyers are confident there is a strong case against the airport’s plans, which would see it nearly double in size, with nearly double the CO2 emissions, and with serious traffic and noise impacts for local communities and the environment.     Click here to view full story…

Bristol Airport tries out plan for wind turbine – (to cut carbon emissions !)

23rd January 2011     Bristol airport has installed a wind turbine.  The South West Regional Development Agency provided £39,000 to pay for the project.  At an average wind speed of 5.8 m/s, it is expected to generate enough electricity in the coming year to make more than 203,000 cups of tea.  [Which equates to around as much energy as that used by 5 passengers making return flights to Geneva.  And the airport had 5.6 million passengers in 2009].      Click here to view full story…

The airport is now aiming for 10 million passengers by 2016, whereas the Government
only expected 10-12 million by 2030

Continental Airlines scraps flights to New York from Bristol

7th November 2010

Continental’s last flight from Bristol to New York took place on 7th November.  The
service  has been daily for the  past 5 years.   Its cessation  is being blamed on
rising taxes and the recession and they say the rise in APD will further cut the
attractiveness of the flight.   APD increased from £45 to £60 on economy flights
to New York, (15 -20% increase on an average fare) and business class passengers
pay a tax rise from £90 to £120.         Click here to view full story…     This was the only long haul flight from Bristol – all others are domestic or European.

Bristol campaigners explore options for airport decision challenge

24th September  2010

Stop Bristol Airport Expansion is taking legal advice on how to challenge the
government’s decision not to call in Bristol Airport’s expansion plans. They criticised
the refusal by the Government Office for the South West to refer the scheme as
“misguided”. The airport is concluding a section 106 agreement before bringing
forward the scheme. It includes car parking, aircraft stands and a terminal extension.
The airport assumes work could begin next year.   Click here to view full story…

Bristol Airport £150m expansion plans given the go-ahead by government

18th September 2010

The government has decided not to intervene in the planning process and not to
call in the application for airport expansion. North Somerset Council approved
the expansion scheme, subject to 70 conditions, in May. Eric Pickles had the right
to a final say on the development, as some of the site is on green belt but it
was announced on 17th that he would not exercise his option to call a public inquiry
into the plans. Building work could begin next year.   Stop Bristol Airport Expansion
plans to mount a legal challenge. Click here to view full story…


Bristol campaigners say NO to airport hotel

29th July 2010
Stop Bristol Airport Expansion is calling for the withdrawal of the planning
application for a hotel at the Airport which will displace car parking onto green
belt land, until a decision has been made by the Sec of State on whether to allow
development on green belt. The hotel should not be given the go-ahead because
that space should be used for further car parking to save green belt land on the
south side. The hotel will damage trade for local B&Bs, hotels etc.           Click here to view full story…

Bristol Airport campaigners set up fighting fund for legal challenge

3rd July 2010

Stop Bristol Airport Expansion has set up a fund to launch a legal challenge
against North Somerset Council’s decision to allow the airport’s expansion plans.
The council approved the expansion, subject to 70 conditions, in May. If Eric
Pickles does not call a public inquiry, necessary as some of the development is
on green belt land, then SBAE will launch their legal challenge – claiming there
is no government policy to support the decision.       Click here to view full story…

Airport trolley charges double at Bristol, Luton and Cardiff

 6th July 2010      The cost is rising from £1 to £2 and is non-refundable. The cost increase will be rolled out across a number of other airports later in the year.   Click here to view full story…


Bristol Airport expansion given go-ahead

24th May 2010

Multi-million pound plans to expand Bristol Airport have been passed by North
Somerset councillors. The £150m scheme was recommended for approval by 10 votes
to two. Campaigners have argued that a 60% increase in passenger numbers up to
10 million per year was too high. More than 5,500 comments were submitted during
a consultation of which 5,180 objected to the plans. The approval will have to
be referred to the Sec of State at DCLG (Pickles) because some development is
on green belt land.   Click here to view full story

New flights at Bristol airport and its hopes for a bumper summer

3rd April 2010

There will be 4 new routes by easyJet (Tenerife, Paphos, Bodrum and Heraklion)
and a Wizz will start flights to Warsaw. Bristol airport captures only 35% of
the 17 million air journeys the south-west region generates each year, with the
rest lost to London. They hope their current ongoing infrastructure improvements
will increase Bristol’s share.       Click here to view full story…

Bristol Airport decision still in balance

4th March 2010

Campaigners fighting against Bristol Airport’s ambitious expansion plans have
welcomed North Somerset Council’s move to delay making a decision on the proposals,
saying that the final outcome remains uncertain and there is still everything
to play for. STOP Bristol Airport Expansion say NSC have done the responsible
thing in referring the application to a more senior planning committee as the
application still has many serious unresolved issues.(SBAE)     Click here to view full story…



Bristol campaigners call for postponement on airport decision

1st March 2010

Campaigners have called for a delay in Wednesday’s decision on Bristol Airport’s
major expansion plans because of a change in recommendations from North Somerset
Council on night flights. SBAE said that NSC’s South Area Meeting cannot make
a decision at this point because proposed conditions on noise from night flights
have suddenly introduced new changes to the night noise quota system without any
consultation with the public. (SBAE)         Click here to view full story…



Bristol expansion recommended for approval by North Somerset planning officers.

28th February 2010

The £150 million expansion plans at Bristol Airport have been recommended for
approval by North Somerset Council planning officers. A 170-page report on the
planning application, which could see the airport double in size to accommodate
10 million passengers a year and includes expanding the terminal plus more airport
parking, will go before the Council’s South Area Committee in a special meeting
at 18:00 on March 3rd. (UK Airport News)       Click here to view full story…

Bristol campaigners ask Government to step in on airport decision

27th January 2010

Campaigners fighting the expansion of Bristol airport have asked the GOSW  to
step in and refer the decision on the airport’s plans to the Secretary of State.  Stop Bristol Airport Expansion said they decided to request a ‘call-in’, which
would result in a direct decision from Government, or a public inquiry, because
they believe that the ramifications of the decision, such as the impact of increased
traffic, noise and carbon emissions, stretch beyond North Somerset Council’s area
of control.   Click here to view full story…


No carbon saved by diverting Heathrow passengers to Bristol

27th   Nov 2009       A new study, by Stop Bristol Airport Expansion, shows that
– contrary to the arguments by the industry – the expansion of Bristol airport
is highly unlikely to divert much of the ‘leakage’ of passengers, who choose to
go to London airports, rather than local ones, for their trips. The industry claims
that by getting people to fly from their local airport saves CO2 emissions.   This
study shows that carbon savings would not be made, unless services from London
airports were reduced as Bristol services increase.   Click here to view full story…

Bristol Airport expansion plan decision delayed

20th November 2009

Bristol International Airport bosses will have to wait until February to hear
whether their £150 million expansion plans will get the green light. A decision
from North Somerset Council on the airport’s proposal had been expected on December
9. But councillors will now have extra time to digest the plans to increase annual
passenger traffic to 10 million by 2016 from the current level of 6 million a
year. (This is Bristol)     Click here to view full story…




Bristol – Local tourism jobs lose out with airport growth

18th November 2009

Thousands of jobs in the local tourism industry have been lost despite Bristol
Airport’s huge growth in recent years. This is shown in a new report from Stop
Bristol Airport Expansion, which for the first time compares tourism data for
the South West with airport growth figures. The soaring passenger numbers at Bristol
Airport between 2001 and 2007 did not result in a boom for local tourism. In fact
the tourism sector shrank by 10% in real terms. (SBAE) Report author Jeremy Birch
said that given the figures in the study, there was no reason to think that BIA’s
proposed 60% expansion is likely to reverse this trend.     Click here to view full story…



Macquarie Airports sells its stake in Bristol airport

17th September 2009

Australia’s Macquarie Airports has reshuffled its European portfolio. It is selling
its 35.5% stake in Bristol Airport. The Bristol stake is being sold for £128m
($211m) to Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan. The shake-up comes as Macquarie Airports
separates itself from Macquarie Group, the Australian investment bank. The sale
price of the Bristol stake is at a 12.7% discount to the asset’s value at June
30. (FT)     Click here to view full story…


Council objects to Bristol airport plan

11th September 2009

Politicians in Bath have objected to the £150 million expansion of Bristol International
Airport amid fears over climate change. Bath and North East Somerset Council this
week voted to ask its neighbouring authority to reject the airport’s planning
application. The final decision on the plan, which would see passenger numbers
increase to 10 million in 8 years, rests with North Somerset Council. Bristol
City Council has also urged the rejection.         Click here to view full story…

Bristol airport planes off track   (SBAE press release)

7th August 2009
A dramatic image released by the Stop Bristol Airport Expansion campaign shows
just how many flights from Bristol International Airport are spreading out from
standard flight paths. The image shows flights departing from BIA during one week
at the end of May. The data illustrates just how wide an area flights from BIA
have covered. Plans for 10 million passengers, and 13.8 million by 2030 can only
mean that things are going to get much worse. (SBAE)         Click here to view full story…



Bristol Airport flights mapped (local paper)

10th August 2009

Campaigners at Bristol have produced flight maps, showing that flight paths have
deviated from regular routes and the extent of the Bristol area where planes fly.
More planes travelling wide of regular flight paths will cause more suffering
for local residents. Plans for 10 million passengers, and 13.8m by 2030 can only
mean that things are going to get much worse. The airport is rubbishing the study.
Consultation on expansion closes on 17th August.           Click here to view full story…


Bristol Airport planning application launched

 17th June 2009
Bristol Airport have submitted their long awaited planning application, to North
Somerset Council. Their plan is to grow to handle 10 million passengers a year.
The airport claims this will create more than 3,500 new jobs across the region.
And they say there are measures to mitigate the impact of the airport’s activity
on the local community and environment. The expansion includes expansion of the
terminal to double its floor area.  Click here to view full story…

Deadline for comment –  August 2009.

See   the Stop Bristol Airport  Expansion   website, for more details


What is Bristol International Airport planning to do?

20th July 2009

Details of the Bristol Airport planning application, which was published on 29th
June. Deadline for comment is 17th August. Plan is – by 2016 for a 60% increase
in passengers. A 40% increase in commercial flights. A 50% increase in passenger
car journeys to the airport. A 36% increase in night flihts, and a 50% increase
in summer night flights. And all that amounts to a 60% rise in carbon emissions
from the airport’s activities by 2016. (From SBAE) Click here to view full story…

29th June 2009      Bristol International Airport (BIA) has applied for planning
permission to expand. This development aims to increase passengers by 60% by 2016,
increase passenger flights by 40%, summer night flights by 50%, car journeys by
over 2m per year, and carbon emissions by at least 40%.     SBAE   (Stop Bristol
Airport Expansion) have put together all the information people need to comment
on the airport’s application.   Details …..

Public health doctors argue the case against expanding Bristol’s Airport

  28th May 2009           Dr Angela E Raffle and the West of England Public Health
Climate Change Group have concluded that expansion of Bristol airport will increase
the amount of aircraft noise and the volume of traffic and congestion through
local communities. This will damage health, wellbeing and education for a sizeable
proportion of those living nearby. When balanced against any positive health effects,
the negative effects are greater. (This is Bristol)Click here to view full story…

EasyJet won’t axe flights from Bristol despite profit losses

 8th May 2009
easyJet says it has no plans to axe further flights from Bristol despite posting
losses of almost £130 million in 6 months. The firm, which operates 39 different
routes from Bristol, has announced its losses had more than doubled to £129.8m
in the 6 months to March 31, compared with £48.4m a year ago. In the first 3 months
of 2009, In the first three months of this year, there was a 21% drop in passengers
comparet to the same period in 2008. (This is Bristol)       Click here to view full story…


Macquarie puts Bristol International airport up for sale

20th April 2009

Macquarie has put Bristol airport up for sale as it scrambles to raise cash.
The group is understood to have sounded out potential buyers for the airport,
which carried more than 6m passengers in 2008. Possible bidders include Prudential’s
M&G’s infrastructure fund and Fortis, which recently bought Belfast’s George
Best airport. The airport was valued at around £283m in 2006, but interested bidders
are likely to offer much less now. (Sunday Times)   Click here to view full story…

Claim of “4,000 jobs to be created” in Bristol Airport expansion pre-application

22nd January 2009
Bristol Airport has  launched a pre-application consultation for its expansion
plan. It claims this would generate up to 4,000 new jobs, and the majority of
the proposed development would sit within its 176 hectare site. There will be
a 6-week consultation. Proposals inclued extending the terminal building, additional
car parking and new aircraft stands. This will enable the airport to handle 10
m passengers a year – up from around 6 m now.     Ends on 6th March.         (Wales
online)         Click here to view full story…

Bristol Airport shows off development plans

22.01.09   (UK Airport News)   Link to full article  

Bristol Airport is putting its development plans on show as part of a six week pre-application consultation process aimed at gathering views on the scheme. It is estimated that the completed scheme will generate around 4,000 additional
jobs in the south-west and bring up to £343 million into the region. Following
consultation, the airport is expected to submit a planning application to North
Somerset Council for a range of improvements to the airport’s facilities and services.
Consultation runs till Friday March 6th 2009.

The proposals include plans to extend the terminal building, provide additional
car parking and create new aircraft stands – enabling the airport to handle up
to ten million passengers per annum, six million used the airport in 2008.The
proposed development will be concentrated within existing operational areas, with
the exception of a small area to the south which will be used for additional car

Bristol Airport walkway approved

13.11.08   (UK Airport News)     Link

Bristol Airport have won the right to build a walkway extension to the terminal.
The decision follows an application for a certificate of lawfulness for a structure
that would rule out the need for passengers to take buses from the terminal to
their aircraft.

Anti expansion campaigners protested the plans were ‘expansion by stealth’ and
argued that a full planning application should be submitted due to the size of
the structure. However, councillors on North Somerset Council’s South Area Committee
voted last night to allow the development to proceed without one.


Bristol – new climate change targets mean airport plans will damage other businesses

1st November 2008

Campaigners welcoming the Government to include greenhouse gas emissions from
international aviation and shipping in the UK’s Climate Change Bill are today
warning that Bristol airport’s expansion plans now mean that other local industries
will pay more for the airport’s free ride unless the airport curbs its growth.
It currently has plans to increase to 10m passengers per year by 2016. This growth
would mean the rich fly at the expense of the poor. (SBAE)         Click here to view full story…

The Walkway saga:

 Bristol Airport expansion doesn’t need environmental assessment

12.07.08 (UK Airport News)    link

An environmental assessment does not need to be carried out at Bristol Airport
on the building of a controversial new walkway, according to a response from the
Government Office of the South West.
In May, North Somerset Council voted that a full planning application would be
needed before the new £7m development was allowed. It would be used to allow passengers to walk from the terminal building to waiting aircraft, rather than using the
buses that currently transfer travellers to the planes.
At the time of the meeting, the Stop Bristol Airport Expansion (SBAE) group approached
the Government Office of the South West and asked whether an Environmental Impact
Assessment (EIA) was required before construction took place. However, chief executive
Paul Kehoe, said: ‘I’m happy to say this stalling tactic has backfired, as we
have received confirmation the walkway does not constitute EIA development.’

15.5.2008   Bristol Airport – major setback for  airport walkway

Campaigners fighting to prevent the expansion of Bristol Airport have won the
first round of their fight to stop a covered walkway being built.     They said
the walkway scheme was an undercover way of increasing the airport’s passenger
capacity, and was in fact a major building 450m long 8m high and 8m wide.
The airport wanted to build the 2-storey structure, leading from the terminal
to the edge of the runway, under permitted development rights, without submitting
a formal planning application.   Councillors from North Somerset Council have agreed
that the walkway wouldn’t be allowed without their permission.
15.5.2008   More …..
 North Somerset Council have indicated that they may rule on BIA’s   ‘permitted development’ application for a new ‘walkway’ at an
area   planning meeting on 16th April at the Town Hall, Weston-super-Mare.  The plans for this ‘walkway’ show it to be a massive development which  Stop BAE
believe will act to significantly extend the capacity of the current terminal
building – in turn making way for continued growth in passenger numbers and flights.
Although the development sounds insignificant, the new structure will be considerably
bigger in size than allowed for by the terms of the airport’s ‘permitted’ development
– equivalent in volume to 56 1930s terraced houses.
‘Permitted development’ allows alterations without consultation with local parishes
and residents within BIA’s current boundaries for its immediate operating needs
only, not for the planned growth in passenger numbers outlined in the airport’s
Master Plan.    Stop BAE  have taken legal advice that clearly indicates that this development
should be considered under a full planning application, which would require a
full environmental impact assessment.


(14.1.2008)   Airport wants to build a “walkway”   to shelter passengers as they walk form
the terminal to their planes, reducing reliance on shuttle buses, under permitted
development.   More info …..


Some stories about Bristol airport can be found on the UK Airport News website:


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Profits up at Bristol Airport

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23.12.07 New machine to track Bristol Airport noise

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08.12.07 easyJet announce new routes from Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Luton

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