Liverpool Airport News


Some news about Liverpool (John Lennon) airport:

Planning Inspectorate approves Liverpool airport expansion plans

The UK Planning Inspectorate has granted Liverpool John Lennon airport’s (LJLA) Lawful Development Certificate (LDC) appeal for a large area of land that is to be utilised for the continued expansion of the airport.  The local Council, Halton, rejected the airport’s initial LDC application, once it became aware of the actual facts behind the loss of the land.  The airport plans 14 acres of solar panels east of Dungeon Lane, the energy from which will be used by the airport. However, the airport appealed and this may been influenced by politics. Local campaigners are devastated at this news, since the evidence against the airport expansion in the case was damming.  The solar farm is part of a wider £100m project by the airport. Other components of the initiative include a new road for the airport, a large warehouse to the south of the airport, expansion of the existing terminal, and extension of the runway.

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Liverpool Airport post-pandemic recovery helped by delaying repayment of £30 million council loan

Liverpool John Lennon Airport has increased turnover and reduced losses in the year to March 31, 2022, its latest accounts at Companies House reveal.  Turnover in the year to March 31, 2022, rose to £15.126m, compared with £8.012m the previous year. A pre-tax loss of £4.874m was an improvement on the pre-tax loss of £12.060m a year ago, again, linked to the increase in passenger numbers as part of the ongoing recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic.  The company has net assets of £5m, compared with £9.9m the previous year. In the the summer of 2020 the airport group was offered a £34m loan from the combined authority to help it through the pandemic. It said £30m was due to have been repaid on March 31 this year, but that deadline has now been extended for a further year. That is money from taxpayers, and the delay means the council is not getting its loan back soon. The figures reveal LJLA’s biggest source of revenue in the latest financial year was its car parking operation, which generated £5.251m. Aeronautical earned £4.489m, while concessions, or retail, provided £4.028m in turnover.

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Update – and synopsis – regarding the planned expansion of Liverpool John Lennon Airport: 

6.3.2022, from local campaigners

  • Airport encompasses two local authorities and airport expansion included within their respective Local Plans
  • Local Plan hearings now complete for both authorities
  • Liverpool Local Plan inspector ignored all evidence opposing the expansion and has declared the supporting ‘evidence’ as satisfying the ‘Soundness’ criterion.
  • Liverpool Local Plan inspector ignored evidence (all referenced) when the initial report was issued with the inspector’s main modifications detailed and requests made for comments.
  • Liverpool Council has voted in favour of the Local Plan, but has agreed to ‘review’ the sections relating to the airport expansion in one year.
  • Halton Borough Council (2nd Council) Local Plan inspector has released the initial report, with a request for comments on main modifications.
  • LAJ (me) has responded, but the airport has been virtually ignored within this initial response (probably deliberate) and so I have attached my comments within the Green Belt and Climate Change sections.
  • The Liverpool Local Plan inspector’s report could have been written by the airport itself.
  • Nether inspector possessed the slightest knowledge, or understanding, of the ICAO/CAA rules and regulations or anything connected with the world of aviation.  One inspector wrote that starter strips are a ‘safety requirement’ when they are actually part of the runway extension plan to improve TORA (Take off Run Available)
  • The other inspector wasn’t aware of the passenger limits imposed on airport growth issued by the Climate Change Committee.  These were still ignored when the initial report was released.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport expansion plans remain on hold


Liverpool John Lennon Airport (JLA) could still be expanded in the future, leaders have said, despite added that no plans are currently in place.  Officials from the consultative committee at JLA admitted that hopes of increasing the footprint at the Speke site hadn’t evaporated despite increased pressure over the environmental impact.  Robin Tudor, public relations manager at JLA, told a meeting of airport stakeholders on Friday that while “expansion is in our thoughts” there were “no plans to expand in the short to medium term.”  Mr Tudor’s remarks were prompted following a question from Stephanie Thompson of Liverpool Friends of the Earth, who asked the panel if Liverpool Council should pass a resolution to halt its support of the airport and “set up an independent professional assessment of the impacts of additional air pollution on community health in Speke-Garston?”  Mr Tudor said in any potential expansion, the airport would submit an environmental impact assessment of its own as part of a planning application, the Local Democracy Reporting Service said.

Liverpool Airport expansion plans to be reviewed, as contrary to council climate aims – and Oglet shore reprieved

Liverpool Airport had been hoping to expand by extending its runway by 314 metres, to attract direct transatlantic flights, to try to more than double its passenger numbers. This has been fiercely opposed, especially as it would take land to the south of the airport, where there is the Oglet shore – a natural section of coast, valued by walkers and important for wildlife, including some Red List species. Now Liverpool City councillors have agreed to review policies relating to any future extensions. Councillors from all parties expressed concerns over the proposals to extend the runway.  At a full council meeting, they also agreed to consider – after investigating the evidence – selling the council’s 10% stake in the airport, as it incompatible its efforts to fight climate change.  The airport put forward the plans before the council declared a climate emergency, in 2018.  Campaigners fighting to save the Oglet shore are delighted, as the airport masterplan ear marked it to be covered in concrete for new hangers, maintenance services, cargo facilities and warehouses. 

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Motion to Liverpool City Council says its funding of the airport is not consistent with its climate aims

In a motion to the Labour-led Liverpool City Council, Green member Anna Key said supporting Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LJLA) was not in line with the authority’s climate emergency declaration in 2019.  For the Liverpool council to keep funding the city’s airport is “incompatible” with its effort to fight climate change, and become “carbon neutral” by 2030.  The motion will go before a full council meeting on 26 January.  Liverpool City Council has a 10% stake in the airport.  Anna also called for opposition to LJLA’s “potential future expansion” plans. The plans for expansion would mean an increased number of flights, as well as destruction of valuable green space adjacent to the airport. There would also be more passenger and freight road traffic, causing air pollution and carbon emissions.  Anna Kay said the council should stop supporting the airport financially. Her motion also calls on the council to get planners to undertake an urgent evidence-based review of all policies relating to green space, environment and green belt. There is a 38 Degrees petition to two councils, to protect the Oglet shore area from airport development.

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Petition to ask Liverpool and Halton Councils to Save Oglet Shore

2020 and 2021

There is an area of unbuilt land and shoreline, just south of Liverpool airport. Called Oglet Shore. It has been a useful area for local people to walk and enjoy the outdoors, and it is of considerable wildlife benefit.
The Liverpool Airport Master Plan (nothing official, just their “wish list” by which to try to impress politicians, business etc) shows large amounts of building on this unspoilt land, as the airport tries to expand.
The petition is asking people to get the council to ensure the land is protected, for people and for nature.

Liverpool Airport receives £34m loan from combined authority due to Covid-19 impact

Liverpool John Lennon Airport (JLA) is to get a loan of £34m from the city region combined authority to help give it stability during the Covid crisis. The funding was approved at a meeting of the combined authority on Friday, with the airport described as a “vital strategic infrastructure asset for the city region”. The Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram said: “International connectivity is essential for the local economy and the roles of international gateways such as ports, airports and cruise terminals as economic hubs and drivers for local economies and tourism need to be maximised.”  ie. good to have people flying abroad for their holidays… The airport says it indirectly supports around 6,000 local jobs, providing £250m per annum in economic impact, (not counting the contribution to the UK’s tourism deficit…)  The 10 Greater Manchester local authorities are also lending £250 million to the Manchester Airports Group (MAG) to help then with the Covid pandemic.  This is from money borrowed at a low interest rate from government.

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Fears Liverpool airport future runway expansion could demolish beautiful beach loved by Paul McCartney

Plans for Liverpool John Lennon Airport to extend its runway for long haul flights have been slammed by residents who fear the expansion will demolish a popular Merseyside beach.  Furious residents from Hale and Speke are holding a protest picnic against the airport’s expansion plans at Oglet Shore, the threatened location.  Oglet Shore is an agricultural coastal area between Speke and Hale Villiage and is well known for being one of Paul McCartney’s favourite places to visit as a child. The fields that lie between the airport runway and Oglet are often described as the “last truly rural area” in Liverpool – but will lose their designated Green Belt land status as part of the proposed expansion plans. The Oglet lies south of the runway and is classified as Undeveloped Coast Land, which can be used for development if there is no other suitable location for the plans. The airport wants to expand, and have been led to believe they could have more business aviation, cargo and even links to Heathrow in future …

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Liverpool airport wants to extend runway for some long-haul and transatlantic flights

Liverpool John Lennon Airport wants to extend its runway by 314 metres, so it can attract direct transatlantic flights, to try to more than double its passenger numbers. It has published another Master Plan (these are more wish lists to impress investors, rather than firm future plans!). The Plan is out to 2050 and has all sorts of optimistic aspirations. The airport wants to grow passengers numbers from 4.8 million per year today, to 11 million by 2050. To do that, they want to get direct links to many new destinations. The current runway is too short for even the newer smaller long-haul aircraft. The runway extension would take it to 2,600m length. They hope not only to have European flights, as now, but also flights to the USA and to the Middle East. There are the usual bits of hype about the number of jobs this would create and the economic benefits to the area.  The reality is that most of the passengers would probably be going on holidays abroad, taking their holiday/leisure money out of the country.  Liverpool hopes it can attract passengers who currently use Manchester, Heathrow, Gatwick and Birmingham airports. And Liverpool airport also wants to increase the amount of cargo it handles, which has been falling.

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Boris warns regional airports, including Liverpool & Aberdeen, of likely cut in links to Heathrow with a 3rd runway

London Mayor Boris Johnson has rubbished claims a Heathrow 3rd runway would boost connectivity for the regions. He says Liverpool may not get a domestic link to Heathrow, even with a new runway. He has warned other regional airports of the same thing. In 1990 Heathrow supported 18 domestic routes, but that has fallen to seven. With a new runway, the Airports Commission expects that to fall to just four. The current seven are Aberdeen, Belfast, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle. They have all on average seen their number of daily flights to London. If the Liverpool City Region, such as advanced engineering, creative and financial and professional service need to air link to the world, they could do that through a hub airport (Heathrow, Schiphol, Paris etc). Or they could do it by their own direct flight links, but those would be less likely if there is an even bigger monopoly airport in the south east of England. Since 2012, the number of daily flights between Aberdeen and Heathrow has dropped from 13 flights a day to 8 flights a day. Heathrow claims it would provide more regional links – but it has cut these in the past, preferring to focus on more profitable long haul flights. That tendency is likely to continue, even with a new runway.

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Liverpool airport secures investment for expansion

18 Aug 2015 (Buying Business Travel)

Liverpool John Lennon airport (LJLA) has announced a major investment programme over the next five years after owners The Peel Group agreed a deal with lenders. The parent company of the North West airport said the arrangement will “further support the strong operational performance” of LJLA. There will be a reduction in the airport’s debt as well as funding to improve terminal buildings and expansion of facilities in line with future passenger and airline growth. LJLA saw passenger numbers rise 6% for the first half of 2015 compared to the same period last year. For the financial year 2013/14 it made an operating profit of £2.4m. Peel Group CEO Steven Underwood said: “The future of Liverpool John Lennon Airport is strategically important to Peel, the wider city-region and, indeed, the Northern Powerhouse as a whole.”


Liverpool airport says ‘we will talk to anyone’ as Gatwick announces £20 million fund and Heathrow announces £10 million…

Liverpool John Lennon Airport says it would be happy to speak to Gatwick Airport about regional routes, after Gatwick put out a press release to say (copying Heathrow’s earlier offer) it would spend up to £20 million to help support regional air routes. Gatwick and Heathrow offers only apply if that airport got a new runway, not otherwise. Liverpool Airport has already been in talks with Heathrow about the possibility of getting a link there (if there is a new runway) – as Heathrow is keen not to lose connecting flights, if people in the regions prefer to fly via Schiphol. However, Gatwick’s offer would have far less appeal than Heathrow’s to Liverpool Airport because it does not offer a connection to a hub, for long haul flights. A spokesman for Liverpool airport said: “We are always open to suggestions for new routes and we are happy to speak to anyone.” Heathrow says it is offering a £10 million fund to support regional routes, to five airports over 3 years. Those named are Liverpool, Newquay and Humberside. On 31st March Liverpool announced that Flybe would operate a service up to 3-times-a-day to Schiphol starting on September 7th. ie. They would not then need links to Gatwick or to Heathrow.

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Flybe to start “up to 3 flights per day” between Liverpool and Schiphol for links to destinations across the world

Regional airline Flybe will be starting flights between Liverpool and Schiphol (Amsterdam) from September 7th 2015. From Schiphol, passengers can transfer to a range of long haul destinations, avoiding having to fly to Heathrow in order to transfer. There will be up to three flights per day.  The airport says: “Details of which airlines passengers will be able to connect onwards with will be announced shortly, but flights are expected to coincide with onward connections at Amsterdam to destinations such as New York, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai and Toronto.”  Interlining is crucial to the route’s success.  Re-establishing the link to Amsterdam is a cause for celebration for the airport, which was dismayed when KLM, withdrew its Schiphol connection in 2012 following a cull of its route network. Liverpool airport hopes the Schiphol link would benefit Merseyside and North Wales travellers who want to connect with the rest of the world, for business. As well as making it easier for Brits to fly abroad on leisure trips, it might encourage inwards tourism too. Heathrow has offered to spend money getting links with Liverpool, and now Gatwick is trying to as well.… to avoid the business going to Schiphol.


Peel Group buys back the 65% of Liverpool airport that it sold in 2010 – now owns 100%

Date added: April 26, 2014

The Peel Group has retaken control of the loss-making Liverpool John Lennon Airport less than 4 years after selling it to Canadian group, Vantage. It has bought the 65% of the airport it sold in June 2010 back from Vantage Airports UK Peel had retained a 35% stake. . The change of ownership is effective immediately and Peel will now become the sole owner of the airport company. Liverpool airport posted a pre-tax loss of £7.1m on turnover of £31.6m in the year to 31 March 2013. In the 2013 accounts, auditor KPMG said the airport faced “material uncertainty which may cast significant doubt on the company’s ability to continue as a going concern”. Negotiations with banks were ongoing with a 31 March deadline. Vantage hads decided to focus solely on the North American market and is leaving the UK. Vantage had already sold its interest in Doncaster airport. Liverpool has suffered from competition on cheap fares from Manchester. Passenger levels through Liverpool peaked in 2008 at 5.4m and fell to 4.2m in 2013.

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Liverpool John Lennon Airport aiming to win over 1m people who prefer to fly out of Manchester

January 29, 2014

Liverpool John Lennon Airport wants to win over the 1 million Merseysiders who currently fly from Manchester Airport each year.The loss making airport said it was “absolutely” certain that it will secure new bank banking facilities before the March 31 deadline. The ambition to lure local passengers away from Manchester was part of an overall strategy aimed at restoring passenger growth at Liverpool airport, which lost over 1 million passengers in 2013, compared to 2011. Liverpool airport says it has conducted market research that shows Merseysiders would prefer to fly from Liverpool rather than Manchester, if flights were available. But they are not. “People said they wanted to keep money in the Liverpool economy” (by taking cheap flights abroad to spend their holiday money elsewhere??). In recent years, JLA has lost market share to Manchester as its rival began targeting no-frills airlines like Easyjet and Ryanair that have traditionally been Liverpool’s biggest customers. Liverpool wants more low cost destinations. Their accounts show they made a pre-tax losses of £7.1m in the year to March 2013 and another £6.5m the previous year. Earlier this week, Norwegian Airlines said it was withdrawing its route to Copenhagen.

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easyJet 39 dropped routes – many to Spain, some to UK airports such as Liverpool – but added 64 new routes

Date added: May 13, 2013

Airlines constantly monitor the financial performance of individual routes, so if they are not making money on a particular airport pair, it is axed. There is then capacity that can either be used to increase frequency on existing routes, or for a new route. Anna Aero reports that comparing the routes of EasyJet this summer, compared to summer 2012, they have dropped 39 airport pairs, but set up 64 new ones. There have been many cuts in their routes to Spain. The airport to lose the largest number of routes is Madrid (14 routes) and second is Liverpool (5 lost), followed by Barcelona and Dortmund with four each. Of the five dropped Liverpool routes, only one (Malta) is served by easyJet from its nearby base at Manchester. The net result is for the overall number of easyJet flights to increase by 2.2% in August compared to August 2012. Due to more larger planes – the growing number of A320s in the fleet – the total number of EasyJet seats is up 2.8%, while ASKs (Available Seat Kilometres) are up 3.1%, indicating a small increase in average sector (ie journey) length.    Click here to view full story…

Liverpool airport walkout takes bitter twist as Servisair tries to ban striking workers

12.12.2011  (Liverpool Daily Post)     A DISPUTE between Liverpool airport baggage handlers and their bosses has turned bitter over the threat of deducted wages for strikers. Servisair employees are discontinuously striking against the possibility of 37 compulsory redundancies. Workers in Speke have been walking out for two hours in a morning and afternoon, for four days a week.  Accordingly, GMB – who have accused the company of losing jobs “merely for profit” – is considering legal action against Servisair and wrote a strongly-worded letter, via its solicitor, to the baggage handling firm.  Click here to view full story ….. 


17.09.11 easyJet boost summer 2012 flights from Liverpool Airport
12.09.11 Wizz announce Liverpool – Vilnius flights
02.09.11 Eastern Airways pulls out of Liverpool Airport

09.08.11 Liverpool Airport boss leaves

11.07.11 Flybe celebrate Liverpool Airport passenger milestone

23.05.11 Liverpool Airport gets Blackpool train link
11.05.11 Busiest April ever for Liverpool Airport

29.04.11 25th anniversary of Liverpool Airport’s relocation from Speke
28.04.11 Liverpool Airport object to wind turbine plan
25.04.11 easyJet launch Liverpool – Tallinn flights
15.04.11 Ryanair Liverpool – Kos flights take off
13.04.11 Peel launch new airport parking system
11.04.11 Passengers down 5.6% at Liverpool Airport
03.04.11 easyJet increase Liverpool – IOM flights
02.04.11 Ryanair launch Liverpool – Toulon flights

23.03.11 Liverpool Airport remains in UK’s top 10
10.02.11 Liverpool Airport gets first flights to Madeira
08.02.11 easyJet launch Liverpool – Brussels flights
04.02.11 Ryanair celebrate 15 millionth Liverpool passenger; add two new Greece routes

05.01.11 Peel Airports losses double
23.12.10 Ryanair to maintain summer 2011 capacity at Liverpool Airport
14.12.10 Liverpool Airport train passengers double
13.12.10 easyJet price cut on IOM – Liverpool route
12.12.10 New early morning Liverpool – Aberdeen service for Eastern
06.12.10 Liverpool Airport to break in to UK’s top 10

25.11.10 easyJet announce Liverpool – Gibraltar flights
10.11.10 New routes for easyJet from Liverpool
29.10.10 25 millionth passenger for easyJet at Liverpool Airport
08.10.10 More routes from Liverpool Airport for easyJet
07.10.10 Big jump in Liverpool Airport loss

22.09.10 easyJet announce Liverpool – Grenoble flights

KLM keeps four daily Liverpool flights as passenger growth doubles

 20.9.2010   (Liverpool Daily Post)       DUTCH airline KLM has revealed it has doubled
passenger numbers on its daily route between Liverpool John Lennon airport and
Schiphol – and said it will maintain its four daily flights on the service throughout
the traditionally quieter winter period.       Full article …..

08.09.10 Flybe confirm Liverpool – Belfast flights
25.08.10 Liverpool is UK’s fastest growing airport
26.07.10 easyJet cancels flights from Liverpool Airport
22.07.10 Ryanair axe Spanish flights from seven UK airports
02.07.10 easyJet announce Liverpool – Lyon flights

23.06.10 Canadians buy 65% in Peel Airports
20.05.10 easyJet to launch Liverpool – IOM flights
07.05.10 Ryanair axe Granada flights

15.04.10 Liverpool Airport passengers up 15%
10.04.10 Liverpool Airport to expand retail space
06.04.10 Women arrested for trying to take dead relative on plane


New easyJet link from Liverpool can open up options for Isle of Man, says airport chief

21.5.2010     easyJet launches its latest route from Liverpool John Lennon airport
(JLA) tomorrow when its daily link with the Isle of Man takes off.   EasyJet now
offers a total of 24 routes from Liverpool, with a further three set to launch
next month. The airline carries 2.4m passengers a year at Liverpool and Neil Pakey,
deputy chief executive of JLA owner Peel Airports said the link will open up more
routes to Europe via Liverpool for passengers from the island.   (Echo…  link)


Peel Holdings to sell airports (Liverpool, Doncaster and Durham Tees Valley) to fund purchase of ports company?

9th March  2010

It seems likely that Peel Holdings, a private company, intends to sell a majority
stake in its airports division to help fund the £800 million acquisition of Forth
Ports, one of Britain’s biggest port operators. Peel Holdings is fundamentally
a property developer, and has 3 secondary level airports (Doncaster, Durham Tees
Valley, amd  Liverpool, as well as a general aviation facility at Manchester City
airport. Two of  the airport  are in direct competition with the primary level Manchester
Airport.       Click here to view full story…

15.03.10 Liverpool the only UK airport to grow in January
10.03.10 Peel deny plans to sell UK airports
07.03.10 Peel ‘to sell UK airports’
06.03.10 KLM to add extra Liverpool – Amsterdam flight
26.02.10 New Polish route for Liverpool Airport
18.02.10 Liverpool Airport passengers down 8.1% in 2009
15.02.10 easyJet announce Liverpool – IOM flights
27.01.10 Bigger losses for Liverpool Airport owner
19.01.10 easyJet boss predicts Liverpool Airport growth
06.01.10 easyJet adds Liverpool Airport routes
25.12.09 easyJet announce Liverpool – Malta flights
16.12.09 Liverpool Airport passengers up 8.2%
11.12.09 easyJet announce Liverpool – Greece flights

£12m development at Liverpool Airport

6.9.2009   (UK Airport News)         Liverpool Airport has unveiled ambitious £12m
expansion plans. Owner Peel Airports wants to build bigger and better security
facilities and almost double the hub’s retail space. The development will see
new stair and escalator access for check-in passengers at the eastern end of the
terminal, leading to an improved security suite built on the third-floor in existing
hangar space. Click here to view full story …..


20.11.09 Ryanair announce 10 new UK routes
10.11.09 Liverpool Airport terminal upgrade approved
03.11.09 easyJet launch two new routes from Liverpool Airport

01.10.09 Passenger decline slows at Liverpool Airport
01.10.09 Peel expect investment deal this year
06.09.09 £12m development at Liverpool Airport
19.08.09 Two new Liverpool routes for Ryanair
17.07.09 Liverpool Airport has easyJet’s busiest route
16.07.09 Wizz launch Liverpool – Prague flights
15.07.09 Passenger falls at Liverpool Airport
03.06.09 easyJet base 9th plane at Liverpool Airport

29.05.09 Gate gets Eastern’s Liverpool Airport handling contract
14.05.09 Eastern announce Liverpool – Southampton and Aberdeen flights
01.05.09 Peel seeks investor for UK airports

24.03.09 Liverpool Airport targets Heathrow flights 
13.03.09 Wizz add Liverpool Airport flights

19.02.09 Ryanair cuts Liverpool Airport flights / jobs

Jobs fears as Ryanair moves to axe check-in desks at Liverpool John Lennon airport

1st May 2009
Ryanair plans to axe all its check-in desks at Liverpool John Lennon by October
in a bid to cut costs. This could lead to an unknown number of job losses at handling
agent Servisair which provides check-in staff for the airport’s biggest carrier.
Ryanair aims to dispense with check-in desks throughout all the European airports.
Only a small number of desks will be retained to process baggage too big for passengers
to take with them in the cabin. (Echo)       Click here to view full story…

Ryanair slashes Liverpool flights

19th February 2009

Ryanair has blamed APD and the slump in the value for sterling for cutbacks this
summer at Liverpool airport. Ten destinations are being cut from the airline’s
network from the airport with the loss of 50 pilot, cabin crew and engineering
jobs. Ryanair is pulling 1 aircraft out of Liverpool to leave 6, resulting in
an anticipated 8% drop in passengers from 2.7 million last year. There will also
be further cuts in the winter schedule. (TravelMole)     Click here to view full story…

(!?) Liverpool John Lennon Airport pioneers technology that converts passenger breath into biofuel       Greenwash warning !!

31st January 2009
 Liverpool Airport is the world’s first airport to trial a revolutionary machine
that will convert the CO2 into biofuel. An “Eco-box” will be able to capture CO ²
exhaled by travellers for recycling into fuel for the airport’s diesel vehicles
and heating system. Installation will begin in the next few weeks and Origo hopes
the system will provide up to 250 litres of biofuel a day. The CO2 is fed to algae,
to produce a biomass cake and then fuel. (Liverpool Echo)         Click here to view full story…
15.01.09 Small loss at Liverpool Airport
06.01.09 easyJet add 9 new routes from UK airports

Easyjet adds 3 new routes from Liverpool

7th January 2009
 Easyjet has announced it will fly to three new European destinations from Liverpool.
Routes between Liverpool and Dubrovnik, Naples and Bordeaux will start in June
and flights from other Manchester will take off from August. (Liverpool Echo)
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30.12.08 Liverpool Airport to launch carbon capture initiative
22.12.08 Liverpool Airport expects 120,000 Christmas getaway
27.11.08 Ryanair says regional airports worst hit by APD changes
08.11.08 Liverpool Airport passengers up 1.3%
02.11.08 KLM to launch Liverpool – Amsterdam flights

28.10.08 Ryanair launch new Liverpool Airport routes
11.10.08 Liverpool – IOM cargo flight axed – after 9 days

29.09.08 Liverpool – IOM freight service to resume
20.09.08 Liverpool Airport owner considers Gatwick bid

15.09.08   Manchester looks to spread its wings   (FT)

11.09.08 Liverpool Airport seeks Manchester links
06.09.08 easyJet cut Jersey flights from Liverpool and Luton
05.09.08 Dedicated police team for Liverpool Airport
04.09.08 Ryanair add two new Liverpool routes
21.08.08 Liverpool Airport expects record weekend
11.08.08 Regional airports to be forced to pay policing costs

20.07.08 Ryanair to suspend four Liverpool Airport routes

29.06.08 Liverpool Airport marks 75th anniversary

20.06.08 Ryanair adds four routes from Liverpool Airport
30.05.08 Liverpool Airport bus route axed
18.05.08 Celebrations for Liverpool Airport 75th birthday
17.05.08 AOA say WWF report misses the point on business aviation travel
14.05.08 EuroManx had 40,000 creditors
09.05.08 Euromanx stops flying

01.04.08 More passengers take bus to Liverpool Airport

31.03.08 easyJet announce Liverpool – Jersey flights
25.03.08 Flyglobespan Liverpool – New York flights axed for good
07.03.08 Liverpool Airport to make first profit

Liverpool Airport to make first profit

07.03.08.       Peel Airports largest and most popular airport, Liverpool Airport will make a maiden profit this year, Managing director Andrew Simpson said.
Boosted by worldwide interest in Liverpool as a consequence of the Capital of
Culture, record numbers of people are expected this year. Last year saw an 11%
rise in passenger numbers to 5.5 million

Liverpool – Better bus and rail links call by airport

7th February 2008

Development of improved rail and bus links between North Wales and Liverpool
would encourage more travellers to use public transport to get to the city’s John
Lennon Airport, says the airport’s chairman. He said North Wales was an area that
airport owners Peel Holdings was keen to tap into. (Daily Post) Click here to view full story…

February 2008

29.02.08 Ryanair announce leap year giveaway in Liverpool and Bournemouth

17.02.08 Liverpool Airport to benefit from EU grant

09.02.08 Flybe increase Isle of Man flights from Manchester and Liverpool

02.02.08 Liverpool Airport expansion backed by council

January 2008

25.01.08 New retailers at Liverpool Airport

24.01.08 Liverpool Airport first to harness wind power

17.01.08 AOA says European Parliament decision on airport charges a ‘step backwards’

09.01.08 easyJet launch Liverpool – Innsbruck flights

06.01.08 Record passengers at Liverpool Airport


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